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Desk Station License


Simplify Your Security Management

The Desk Station License unlocks the powerful features of Verkada’s Desk Station, an iPad-based application that simplifies entry requests and consolidates intercom actions and information into a single, intuitive interface.

  • Full HD view of intercom calls
  • Stream video and unlock doors
  • View video intercom and security camera feeds
  • Manage door access without elevated permissions
  • Picture-in-picture capabilities for enhanced context
  • Scalability with unlimited pairing of intercoms to Desk Station Application
  • Easy configuration with drag-and-drop setup flow

Elevate Your Security Game

Introducing the Verkada Desk Station License, a powerful iPad application that enables advanced access control capabilities. With this license, users can seamlessly integrate the Desk Station with Verkada or third-party access control systems, creating a unified security solution.

On the Desk Station app, users can manage door lock status, receive call audio and video, and view camera feeds from the Desk Station interface. Upgrade your surveillance with the Verkada Desk Station License for advanced access control and seamless integration.


Security officer reviewing intercom footage on Desk Station

Frequently Asked Questions Desk Station License

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What is the Desk Station?

The Desk Station License is a license that provides access to the Verkada Desk Station application, an iPad-based application that allows admins and call receivers to easily review entry requests, view video intercom and security camera feeds, and manage door access.

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What are the benefits of the Desk Station application?

The Desk Station application provides call receivers with a unified, full HD view of intercom calls, allowing them to view up to four intercoms, doors, or cameras at once. The app consolidates key intercom actions and information such as camera feeds, call audio, and door unlock capabilities into a single, intuitive interface. Additionally, call receivers can use picture-in-picture functionality to view additional context cameras and get the full context of a scene before making entry decisions.

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How many devices can be paired with the Desk Station application?

Organizations can pair an unlimited number of devices per tablet with the Desk Station application.

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How can I customize the Desk Station application?

The Desk Station application is endlessly customizable, with powerful admin tools that allow users to add tiles for intercoms, Verkada cameras, and access-controlled doors. Users can also provision remote door unlock capabilities for any Verkada access-controlled door to get added operational flexibility.

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How can I manage the Desk Station application?

The Desk Station application can be managed through the Desk Station page within Command, where users can manage tiles, add new intercoms, cameras, or doors, and arrange the interface functionality of the Desk Station. Users can also set conditional schedules and toggle them on and off with the simple here/away toggle on the Desk Station application.

Benefits of the Desk Station

The Verkada Desk Station offers numerous benefits for businesses seeking to improve their security and surveillance capabilities.

  • Intuitive mobile calling flow similar to other iOS applications
  • Full HD view of intercom calls with consolidated key intercom actions and information
  • Picture-in-picture functionality for gathering additional context and making more secure entry decisions
  • Enhanced visibility of all calls with up to two context cameras per Intercom
Administrative Benefits
  • Streamlining of entry requests for admins and call receivers
  • Powerful admin tools, such as conditional schedules and drag-and-drop setup flow
  • Ability to view video intercom and video security camera feeds and manage door access without elevated permissions in Command
  • Pairing of an unlimited number of intercoms to the Desk Station Application, allowing for ultimate scalability
Security officers reviewing footage from Intercom on laptop with Command before switching to over laptop with Desk Station

Applications of the Desk Station

The Verkada Desk Station offers a wide range of applications for businesses of all types.

  • Healthcare: Monitor patients remotely
  • Education: Monitor school entrances
  • Commercial: Pair with security cameras to monitor store entrances, cash registers, and high-value merchandise areas
  • Hospitality: Monitor hotel lobbies and hallways
  • Government: Monitor government buildings and high-security areas
iPad for Desk Station

Shop the Desk Station License

The Desk Station License is an innovative product by Verkada that allows businesses to seamlessly manage their access control, video surveillance, and security operations from a single platform. Monarch offers Verkada’s Desk Station License, enabling businesses to customize and optimize their security solutions according to their unique needs.

Let’s Talk About Your Needs

Viewing footage from intercom with Desk Station license on iPad

The Desk Station license by Verkada is a versatile solution that can meet the unique needs of various industries. Whether it’s a large commercial facility, a healthcare organization, or an educational institution, the Desk Station license can enhance security and improve communication.

The TD52 intercom integrated into the Desk Station adds an extra layer of security to organizations. The cloud-based routing and configurable schedules provide unmatched flexibility. With easy installation, effortless administration, and simple call receiving on any device from anywhere, the Desk Station license is a reliable solution for organizations seeking to elevate their security and surveillance measures.

Contact Monarch today to learn more about how the Desk Station license can assist you in achieving your security objectives.

Product Specifications

Pair unlimited number of devices per tablet

  • View up to 4 Inter comes or cameras at once

Intuitive touchscreen interface

  • Receive intercom calls
  • View cameras for context
  • Unlock doors

Continuously streaming view

  • View up to four real-time video streams at once from Verkada’s cameras or video intercom


  • Add tiles for Intercoms, Verkada Cameras and access controlled doors
  • Click “away” when unable to receive calls so call can be routed


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