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Samsara Open API Integrations

Leverage Samsara API to unify
data across key apps and systems

By building integrations with the Samsara API, you can connect Samsara with mission-critical systems, including third-party tools for supply chain visibility, insurance, payroll, maintenance, operational management, and more.

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Seamless API Integration
with 3rd Parties


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Samsara API integrations allow for the creation of applications that access the features or data of your operating system, application, or other service.

Common API Integrations


Get GPS and onboard diagnostic data for all vehicles in your organization using Samsara API integration.


Samsara API integration allows you to create, manage, and track routes and driver workflow.

ELD Compliance

Manage hours of service and records of duty status using Samsara API integration.


Fleet Administrators can manage documents and create custom document templates in the Samsara Dashboard using Samsara API integration.

Maintenance &

Samsara API allows integration with maintenance & work order systems by monitoring fault codes, managing digital vehicle inspection reports, and scheduling planned maintenance.


Use Samsara API integrations to calculate payroll by tracking hours or miles driven.

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