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CH52-E Multisensor


Enhanced Security

With the CH52-E from Verkada, you can instantly expand your coverage and enjoy an unparalleled 20mp video quality experience.

  • 20MP Image Resolution
  • 30M IR Range
  • 2.5x Optical Zoom
  • IP66 and IK10 rated

All Verkada hardware has a 10 year warranty from the date of shipment. For more information, click here.

Upgrade Your Surveillance Today

Introducing the CH52-E Multisensor, an essential security tool for businesses, corporations, government agencies, hospitals, warehouses, and other organizations..With its advanced 4K video quality, 120° diagonal field of view, and 15M IR range, CH52-E offers uncompromised surveillance.

Equipped with facial recognition, motion detection, and people counting, CH52-E is designed to enhance security and safety. Further, Verkada’s user-friendly interface and seamless integration make CH52-E a top choice for businesses of all sizes.

Book a call with our security experts to learn more about how the CH52-E can enhance your organization’s security and improve efficiency.

Meeting about the CH52-E Multisensor

Frequently Asked Questions CH52-E Multisensor

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What are the key features of the CH52-E?

The CH52-E boasts features such as 20MP resolution, 2.5x motorized zoom, and 30M IR range. It also includes facial recognition, motion detection, and people counting for enhanced security.

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How can the CH52-E benefit my business?

The CH52-E can greatly enhance the security and safety of your business by providing high-quality surveillance footage and advanced features like facial recognition to identify potential threats.

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Is the CH52-E easy to use?

Yes, the CH52-E is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it easy to set up and manage. It also offers seamless integration with other Verkada security solutions for a comprehensive security system.

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Can the CH52-E be used for both indoor and outdoor surveillance?

Yes, the CH52-E is versatile and can be used for both indoor and outdoor surveillance, making it suitable for various security needs.

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Is the CH52-E compatible with other Verkada products?

Yes, the CH52-E is designed to seamlessly integrate with other Verkada security products, providing a unified and comprehensive security solution for businesses and organizations.

The CH52-E Multisensor

Designed to offer unparalleled security, the CH52-E is packed with advanced features and cutting-edge technology. With four 5MP image sensors, the CH52-E captures 20MP of resolution, ensuring clear and detailed images. This multisensor also features 2.5x motorized zoom, 30m IR illuminators for nighttime visibility, and individually adjustable camera heads.

The motorized zoom allows for up to 2.5x magnification, providing comprehensive coverage of the surveillance area. Additionally, the CH52-E is equipped with 30m / 98ft IR illuminators for nighttime visibility, making it effective in low-light conditions. Moreover, the camera heads are individually adjustable and repositionable, allowing for flexible surveillance angles.

Powered by dedicated computer vision processors, the CH52-E offers advanced analytics capabilities for people and vehicle detection, motion analysis, and more. And, with onboard storage options ranging from 1TB to 8TB, the CH52-E offers ample space for video retention. Finally, its rugged design and certifications such as IK10 impact rating and IP66 weather rating, ensure that the CH52-E is built to withstand extreme conditions.

CH52-E Multisensor

Advanced Video Analytics AI

The CH52-E from Verkada utilizes cutting-edge video analytics powered by AI to detect and analyze people and vehicles in its captured footage. This advanced technology allows the camera to automatically identify individuals, detect motion, and track people and vehicles as they move within a designated area.

Hence, the CH52-E’s video analytic AI capabilities make it an ideal security solution for industries that require top-notch security and surveillance capabilities. With its advanced features, the multisensor provides a heightened level of security and protection for your facility, empowering you to swiftly respond to potential security threats.

Applications of the CH52-E

The CH52-E Multisensor Camera by Verkada offers versatile applications across various environments. With its advanced features and high-resolution image sensors, the multisensor is well-suited for a wide range of use cases.

  • Interiors such as office spaces, hotel lobbies, retail centers, grocery stores, manufacturing floors, and stadiums
  • Intersections such as roadways, hallways, and warehouse traffic
  • Corners such as campuses, airports, and building exteriors, as its repositionable camera heads allow for flexible surveillance angles
  • Open spaces such as garages, car dealerships, parking lots, and parks

The CH52-E Multisensor Camera offers reliable and advanced surveillance solutions for various applications, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of environments.

Security personnel reviewing footage from the CH52-E

Shop the CH52-E

The CH52-E is a cutting-edge dome camera by Verkada that offers high-resolution surveillance capabilities. With advanced features like facial recognition, motion detection, and people counting, the CH52-E is an ideal camera for businesses seeking to elevate their security and safety measures.


How the CH52-E Fits Your Needs

Let’s explore how the CH52-E can fulfill your unique requirements. Verkada’s AI camera system is tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses, corporations, government agencies, hospitals, and other organizations. Whether you need to enhance security at a large commercial facility or improve efficiency at a warehouse, the CH52-E with its high resolution and advanced features like facial and people recognition is the perfect solution.

Book a call today to learn more about how the CH52-E can assist you in achieving your surveillance and security objectives. Trust Verkada’s state-of-the-art camera technology to provide the utmost protection for your organization.

Product Specifications


  • Ø: 275mm / 10.82in, H: 118mm / 4.65in with mount plate
    Ø: 267mm / 10.51in, H: 114mm / 4.49in without mount plate


  • Camera: 2,900g / 102.3oz
  • Mount plate: 536g / 18.9oz

Image Sensor

  • 4 x 1 / 2.8″ Progressive CMOS

Sensor Resolution

  • 4 x 5MP (2688 x 1944)

IR Range

  • 30m / 98ft; non-adjustable

Lens Type

  • Varifocal; Motorized zoom

Focal Length

  • 3.7 – 7.7mm


  • F1.9 – F2.9


  • N/A

Field of View

  • Horizontal: 37°-89° (35°-82°)
  • Vertical: 29°-65° (26°-60°)
  • Diagonal: 46°-99° (43°-92°)

Sensor Movement

  • Tilt: +0° to 105° for each lens from horizon
  • Pan: +/- 90° for each lens
  • Rotation: +/- 90° for each lens

Shutter Speed

  • 1 / 5 sec. to 1 / 32,000 sec.


  • IR-cut filter for day & night function

Onboard Storage

  • Capacity: From 1TB to 8TB
  • Card: MicroSD, SDXC


  • 4 x Ambarella CV25S88


  • RJ-45 cable connector for network/PoE connection; 10/100 Mbp

Operating Temperature

-40°C to 50°C / -40°F to 122°F



  • 0 to 90%


  • FCC Part 15B Class B, ICES-003 Class B, UL/IEC 62368-1, CE, RCM, UKCA, VCCI, NDAA, BIS, IK10 impact rating, IP67 weather rating


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