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CB62-TE Bullet Camera


Powerful, Ultra HD 4K bullet camera with telephoto zoom lens and intelligent edge-based analytics.
  • 4K Image Resolution
  • 8-20 mm Focal Length
  • IP67 and IK10 Rated
  • 50 M IR Range

All Verkada hardware has a 10 year warranty from the date of shipment. For more information, click here.

Revolutionize Your Security

The CB62-TE bullet camera from Verkada is an ideal security solution for businesses, government agencies, hospitals, warehouses, and other organizations. Equipped with powerful telephoto zoom capabilities and advanced edge-based analytics, the CB62-TE can accurately detect and monitor individuals within its field of view, allowing for real-time threat detection and response.

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With its long-range IR LEDs, the CB62-TE can produce clear images even at a distance of up to 50 meters, day or night. Gain valuable insights into people’s behavior and optimize your facility’s operations with the camera’s advanced analytics capabilities.

Contact us today to learn more about how the CB62-TE can bring your security to the next level

Verkada camera family including the CB62-TE Bullet camera

Frequently Asked Questions CB62-TE

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How can the CB62-TE camera help enhance security and surveillance capabilities?

The CB62-TE camera’s advanced features, such as people and facial recognition, license plate recognition, and motion detection, enable you to monitor and analyze activity in real-time, making it an effective tool for enhancing security and surveillance capabilities.

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What AI analytics features does the CB62-TE camera offer?

The CB62-TE camera has a variety of AI analytics features, including license plate recognition, people analytics, and motion detection. These features allow you to monitor and analyze activity in real-time.

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What are the IP67 and IK10 ratings of the CB62-TE camera?

The CB62-TE camera has an IP67 rating, which means it is waterproof and can withstand harsh weather conditions. It also has an IK10 rating, which means it is impact-resistant and can withstand vandalism.

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Is the CB62-TE camera easy to install?

Yes, the CB62-TE camera is easy to install and comes with a variety of accessories, such as mounting arms, brackets, and power over Ethernet (PoE) injectors.

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Can the CB62-TE be integrated with other security systems?

Yes, the CB62-TE is compatible with Verkada’s cloud-based security platform, which allows for easy integration with other security systems such as access control and video management systems.

The Bullet Series

Verkada’s Bullet Series is a range of high-quality AI cameras designed for commercial and industrial use. With their advanced facial recognition technology and analytics capabilities, these cameras are perfect for monitoring the perimeter of large facilities.

The Bullet cameras come with built-in analytics that can detect and alert you to potential security breaches, and their powerful night vision capability allows them to capture clear images even in low light conditions. Additionally, all Bullet Series cameras are rated IP67 and IK10, meaning they are resistant to harsh weather conditions and can withstand vandalism attempts.

The Bullet Series is also highly versatile. You can choose Bullet cameras with either optical lens or telephoto lens. The cameras with optical lens offer a wide-angle field of view while the cameras with the telephoto lens offer powerful zooms/close-ups. With an easy-to-use interface, Verkada’s Bullet cameras are a reliable and advanced solution for all your security needs.

Verkada CB62-TE Bullet camera monitoring parking garage

Advanced Surveillance Made Easy with AI Analytics

The CB62-TE from Verkada is an AI bullet camera that can provide advanced security features for your business. With its built-in video analytic AI technology, the camera can automatically detect and analyze objects or people in its field of view, including detecting motion, recognizing license plates, and identifying specific individuals. This can be especially useful for businesses looking to enhance their security and prevent potential threats.

Verkada’s CB62-TE Bullet Camera

The CB62-TE is an advanced Bullet camera from Verkada that features 4K resolution, 50m IR range, and IP67 and IK10 ratings. Equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) analytics, it can detect and analyze events and people in its field of view, including license plate recognition and people analytics.

With its night vision capability, the CB62-TE is able to capture clear images even in low-light conditions, providing reliable surveillance 24/7. Its durable design allows it to withstand harsh weather conditions and physical damage. The CB62-TE is ideal for monitoring outdoor areas like parking lots, building perimeters, and construction sites.

Easy to install and customize with its mounting options and PoE injectors, the CB62-TE is a reliable and powerful solution for all your outdoor security needs.

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Shop the Bullet Series

Verkada’s bullet cameras are a versatile and reliable option for businesses of all sizes looking to improve their security measures. Equipped with AI analytics, these cameras can detect and analyze people and objects. With an IP67 and IK10 rating, these cameras can withstand harsh outdoor environments while maintaining their performance. Additionally, the cameras feature night vision capabilities, allowing them to capture clear images even in low-light conditions. The bullet series offers a range of models suitable for outdoor use, ensuring that your business is always protected.

Let’s Discuss How the CB62-TE Can Meet Your Needs

Equipped with advanced AI analytics, the CB62-TE is designed to meet the unique demands of businesses, government agencies, and other organizations. With its 4K resolution and 50m IR range, this camera can capture high-quality images in even the most challenging lighting conditions. Plus, its IP67 and IK10 ratings make it durable enough to withstand harsh weather and physical tampering.

Whether you need to monitor a large parking lot or a small loading dock, the CB62-TE can help you achieve your security and surveillance goals. Contact us today to learn more about how the CB62-TE can meet your specific needs.

Product Specifications

Image Sensor

  • 1/2.8″ Progressive CMOS


  • Ø: 81 L: 263mm with mountplate

Image Resolution

  • 4K / 3840 x 2160

IR Range

  • 50 m / 164 ft

Lens Type

  • Telephoto Zoom


  • IR-cut filter for day & night function

Focal Length

  • 8-20mm


  • F1.5 – F2.8


  • RJ45 cable connector for Network/PoE connection

Field of View

  • 17° – 41.8° Horizontal
  • 10° – 23.8° Vertical
  • 21° – 52° Diagonal

Power Input

  • IEEE 802.3af PoE
  • IEEE 802.3at PoE – Extended temperature range


  • P-Iris

Power Consumption

  • 12W
  • 20W – Extended temperature range


  • 1024g / 36.12oz


  • FCC, IP67, IK10 vandal resistance, IEC60950-1, NDAA

Operating Temperature

  • -20°C – 50°C (-4°F – 122°F), PoE 802.3af
  • -40°C – 50°C (-40°F – 122°F), PoE 802.3at


  • 90%


  • 2×2 802.11ac WiFi, Bluetooth

LED Indicator

  • System power and status indicator

Included Accessories

  • Quick installation guide, screw packs, mount plate, 2 mounting templates, water-proof connectors, junction box adapter, T8, T25 hand tool


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