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  • Asset Monitoring

Samsara Environmental Monitoring for Assets

Control and monitor refrigerated assets in real-time, across the entire fleet
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Samsara EM21 Environmental Monitor

  • Water-proof, wireless, data-logging monitor with temperature and humidity sensors

  • Real-time reporting with zero configuration

  • Ideal for ensuring food safety during transport, monitoring warehouse conditions, and other applications that rely on environmental data to ensure quality or maintain compliance

  • Receive real-time alerts when conditions require attention

  • Runs three years off single AA battery

  • Logs data to on-board storage when out of range and upload to cloud automatically the next time it comes near Gateway

  • Scalable cloud infrastructure

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Samsara Powered Asset Gateway

  • Water-proof, ruggedized enclosure

  • Multiple built-in power options

  • Enables improved operating efficiency and theft recovery

  • Ideal for monitoring dry-van and flatbed trailers, and powered equipment

  • Real-time visibility for both powered and unpowered assets

  • Measure and optimize equipment utilization with detailed diagnostics

  • Long lasting backup battery

  • Plug-and-play install takes only minutes

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Get instant alerts as soon as the temperature in any given refrigerated cargo unit drops below a certain threshold, preventing food spoilage and keeping product quality excellent in-transit.


To keep drivers focused and undistracted while on the road, managers can remotely monitor cargo units’ temperature and humidity to make sure levels remain optimal in-transit.


Automated, continuous temperature logging easily replaces manual record keeping and makes it simple to provide temperature records on-demand. Get from point A to B with peace of mind that your business is safe in FSMA compliance.