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Viewing Station vx51


Optimized for Live Viewing


All Verkada hardware has a 10 year warranty from the date of shipment. For more information, click here.

Product Specifications

VX51 Viewing Station

  • The VX51 is a dedicated device that streams up to 36 camera feeds simultaneously to any display with ultra-low latency, crisp video playback, and customizable layouts. Built on the powerful Mac mini™ platform, with an eighth-generation Intel quad-core processor and Intel UHD Graphics 630, the VX51 is the viewing platform of choice for customers with mission-critical real-time viewing requirements.

Administrator Managed Device

  • Admins remotely manage the VX51, selecting video feeds to display and customizing layouts. Non-admin viewers do not need accounts, cannot access historical footage, and cannot modify display settings.

Plug-and-Play by Design

  • Simply connect the device to your network and display and it’s ready to stream. Zero local configuration needed.

Stable and Resilient

  • Streams play continuously without interruption for both local and remote streaming. There is no need to reset the device or relaunch a browser or application — streams restart automatically after a power outage.

Supported by Verkada

  • Admins configure the VX51 in Command, just like their cameras. The VX51 is backed by our industry-leading 10-year warranty and the dedicated Verkada customer support team.


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