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  • AI Video Analytics for License Plate Recognition
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AI Video Analytics for License Plate Recognition

As we near the end of 2020, we have seen huge strides from artificial intelligence in the security sector. The physical security industry in particular is seeing exciting advancements with AI and IoT technology. Video analytics license plate recognition is a solution that could save businesses thousands in preventative security. 

AI in Business Security

Machine learning has become very adept at combing through large quantities of data to provide deeper insights. This helps humans make informed decisions more quickly and efficiently. This ultimately improves the well-being of the company as a whole. If you run a business that requires reliable and constant security, you’ll understand how many moving parts it takes to secure your space and the people within. When AI is integrated into multiple interconnected security functions, business owners can stay one step ahead of mishaps, threats, and workplace risks that inevitably occur inside and outside of the company’s physical space.

According to a February article from Grand View Research describing future security trends, it’s expected that the global physical security market will reach $171 billion USD by 2027. Safeguarding physical space and individual assets has gained importance over the years. And the introduction of AI has only driven this market growth higher. An example of this is video analytics license plate recognition. 

AI in Work Safety tells us that a staggering 18% of all non-fatal assaults in the U.S. occur while the victim is at work or on duty, and homicide is the third leading cause of fatal occupational injury. Business owners will always be concerned with the cost of doing business. But with statistics like these, the actual cost of physical security should be calculated in terms of what the potential costs could be if something serious happened and security wasn’t up to par. Of course, there are specific factors that attract a higher risk of workplace violence, according to the National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety. Factors that may increase a worker’s risk of workplace assault are:

  • Contact with the public

  • Exchange of money

  • Delivery of passengers, goods, or services

  • Having a mobile workplace, such as a taxi cab or police car

  • Working with unstable or volatile persons in healthcare, social services, or criminal justice settings

  • Working alone or in small numbers

  • Working late at night or during early morning hours

  • Working in high-crime areas

  • Guarding valuable property or possessions

  • Working in community-based settings

Wow, that list describes A LOT of job positions held by the working class. Which as we know, props up the entire economy and well-being of our society. So protecting workers should be a top priority for every business owner. And that means investing in a security system that meets industry standards and goes beyond average protocols to secure the business in proactive ways.

Verkada Video Analytics License Plate Detection

As we’ve previously examined, Verkada video cameras come with an impressive list of capabilities that can drastically increase the level of safety for employees, and significantly affect the overall security of the building(s). The newest feature to be added to Verkada’s security arsenal is Video Analytics License Plate Recognition.

Video Analytics License Plate Recognition

Many security camera brands boast their own LPR feature that rely on a single camera to capture the license plate information and monitor the scene. This ultimately limits License Plate Recognition accuracy and scene coverage.

What sets Verkada apart is its dual-camera system. It provides business owners with the most comprehensive coverage in the event of an incident involving a vehicle. Whether it be a traffic accident, an act of aggression, a fleeing suspect, or anything else, it’s so important to be able to clearly capture license plate information on the vehicle in question, while not losing the visual of the entire scene.

LPR Like You’ve Never Seen

Verkada’s dual-camera system provides exactly that. It has a camera with a telephoto lens that captures high resolution images of license plates. And it has a context camera with a wide-angle lens that captures the entire vehicle. This provides additional visual evidence for the entire event. Then a specialized feed brings the two cameras together. So footage from both cameras is seen side by side and vehicle events are monitored in real time.

Footage can easily be filtered and searched based on date, license plate number, or vehicle type. And a complete list of license plate results can be exported to a CSV file for offline analysis.

With automatic, intelligent License Plate Recognition software that delivers accurate, real-time results, the perimeter of your business has never been more secure. But this type of security measure is obviously most useful in areas where vehicles are parked or have access to, specifically:

  • Parking garages

  • Parking lots

  • Gatehouses/entry stations

  • Drive-throughs

This video analytics license plate recognition software can also be used in a school setting. We’ve explored Connected Schools and how their intelligent, interconnected security functions work together to create a highly secure and safe environment for students and faculty. Verkada’s LPR software fits into this relationship perfectly. It does so by adding another layer of powerful protection to the campus and proactively alerting when events occur.

The advancement in AI is taking physical security to new heights. And we are excited to be at the forefront of this wave. We are proud to be delivering reliable, easily scalable security solutions that are virtually effortless to use.

Updated: Aug 2

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