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  • What is Manufacturing Security, and which system is the best for your business?
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What is Manufacturing Security, and which system is the best for your business?

Manufacturing security is crucial to the survival of the business. This type of security covers a wide range of areas, such as fire safety, physical security, and cyber security.

Fire Safety in Manufacturing Security

Fire safety is essential to the operation of any manufacturing facility. Prevention systems need to be in good working order at all times. This ensures that proper fire safety protocols are in place.

Physical Safety in Manufacturing Security

To prevent unauthorized access and theft of valuable equipment and materials, physical security measures are also implemented. Proper physical security solutions can also keep workers safe from hazardous working conditions.

Cyber Safety in Manufacturing Security

Cyber security should also be a priority for manufacturing businesses. It is a critical aspect of protecting confidential information and ensuring that systems are running securely. Security measures such as antivirus software, firewalls, and encryption technology are necessary to protect against malicious cyber activity.

Fire prevention, physical security, and cybersecurity complete a manufacturing facility’s security protocol. With these areas secured, manufacturers can rest assured that their business is safe and secure.

In addition, it is important for manufacturers to stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends and threats. Regularly monitoring new developments in the manufacturing world allows businesses to be aware of potential risks. Knowing these risks is the first step in mitigating them accordingly.

Mitigating Risks in Manufacturing Security

Manufacturers should review their security policies and procedures on a regular basis. This ensure that they are up-to-date with industry standards. Finally, having an experienced team of security personnel can help protect a business from potential risks and threats.

Businesses can protect themselves from potential risks and threats by taking all the necessary steps to maintain proper manufacturing security. This will ensure their operations are running smoothly and securely as well. Security should always be a top priority for any manufacturing business in order to keep operations running efficiently and safely.

Imagine you are the CEO of one of the state’s biggest manufacturing firms, with thousands of employees across multiple locations. Or imagine that you are the branch manager of a large paper company that employs a warehouse full of workers. Being in a leadership position in either situation means you bear a serious responsibility to your employees’ health and safety. Investing in a manufacturing security that protects your employees, assets, and buildings is crucial to the survival of your business.

Manufacturing Safety Statistics

The manufacturing sector has a lot going on within its facilities. There are constant moving objects, dangerous equipment operations, scores of employees to monitor, and so much more to contend with.

And according to the United States Department of Labor, 5,250 private sector workers died on the job in 2018. On average, that is more than 100 deaths per week and 14 deaths per day. Daily safety risks leave the owner open to all kinds of legal turmoil. The ability to capture and store footage of important events could literally save the business, along with human lives.

manufacturing security

Now imagine: A top-of-the line video security system for all of your facilities. No NVR or DVR is required. It has an easy “out of the box” set up. Footage is monitored from one app on your phone or desktop. It also has many more features that vastly improve security operations for the business.

That’s all any business owner wants out of a security system: reliability and absolute ease of use.

But Monarch provides so much more for manufacturing security.

Security Manufacturing with Monarch

With Monarch’s cloud-based AI video security system, businesses can scale their operations with ease and peace of mind. Combining video security and access control into one sleek package eliminates headaches for many. A lot of other security systems only record and retain footage. Then, this forces business owners to spend more on a solution that pulls data analytics from the footage.

Monarch’s unobtrusive, cutting-edge security video system captures and retains footage within the camera itself for up to 365 days. Then, it leverages powerful processing to deliver automatic updates, AI analytics, and real time insights to the platform.

Additionally, this camera system is extremely scalable. Plug-and-play installation creates a simple setup process that allows businesses to install scores of cameras around their sites.

The benefits are endless, but here are 10 solid reasons why manufacturers choose Monarch for their security system measures:

1. Dependable, Always Running

Monarch’s security cameras all include continuous 24/7 recording and built-in video retention for up to 365 days.

2. No NVR/DVR; Remote Monitoring for Manufacturing Security

Monarch’s security cameras require no NVR or DVR device. Footage is recorded and stored on the camera and in the cloud, and can be accessed from anywhere. By and large, this gives business owners peace of mind and flexibility when it comes to manufacturing security.

3. Cloud-Based Access Control for Manufacturing Security

In addition, Monarch’s Access Control solution seamlessly pairs with video cameras, which further fortifies manufacturing security. Door events are always captured, and staff scheduling is built into the platform. with these settings, door access permissions are always up to date.

4. Bandwidth-Friendly

Monarch security cameras process data in the range of 5-20 kb/s. This means that video recording will not impact your network in anyway.

5. Reduct Liability and Wrongful Claims

Monarch’s 24/7 recording produces reliable security footage that is markedly easy to find and share. This new manufacturing security protocol provides reliable evidence that can protect and even save your business.

6. No Hidden Costs

Monarch’s manufacturing security system is simple to operate: just one PoE. No DVRs, NVRs, or thick clients that will increase your installation costs. We work with reputable installers to help set up new customers. But our cameras are plug-and-play and can be installed in-house, as well.

7. Automatic Updates

Our cameras’ firmware is automatically updated regularly, which provides safer and more reliable manufacturing security to the entire organization. You literally do not have to do anything to ensure that your system is always up to date.

8. Monitor Equipment and Shipments

Monarch’s manufacturing security system is extremely easy to scale, allowing for countless cameras per building and site. This influx of surveillance increases the protection of employees, assets, and daily movements between both.

9. Share Feeds Instantly

Preparing for the worst is always smart, because anything can happen, especially in a manufacturing facility. In the event of an emergency, Monarch’s cameras deliver automatic alerts to the business owner. This increases the time available to get in touch with emergency personnel. Links to camera footage are immediately shared outside the organization to give first responders context of the situation.

10. AI Design

Monarch’s security cameras are AI-designed and equipped with revolutionary features.

Heat mapping allows you to see concentrated areas of people at a glance. This can be helpful for COVID-19 protocols. Business owners can also setup facial detection to receive alerts when a specific person enters the facility. Search for footage easily based on clothing color and gender.

These 10 points provide business owners a roadmap for a robust manufacturing security system.

Manufacturing security is very involved, but Monarch is dedicated to taking the complexity out of it.

Monarch’s cloud-based video security system is an incredibly beneficial addition to any manufacturing security arsenal. With so many capabilities and such a simple user interface, securing facilities couldn’t be easier.

Updated: Nov 22

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