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  • Using Cloud Based Security Cameras to Empower Your Business
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Using Cloud Based Security Cameras to Empower Your Business

In this age of ever-advancing security technology, there simply is no more room for excuses when it comes to protecting your business. The concern lies with outside threats, inside risks, and day-to-day operations monitoring. Securing one’s own business with physical security solutions has become commonplace for most businesses, schools, hospitals, and communities. And physical security can be taken a step further with cloud based security cameras. 

According to Statista, by 2023, the video surveillance market is projected to be worth up to 62.6 billion U.S. dollars, with infrastructure applications forecast to make up 36% of the global market. “Infrastructure applications” refers to enhanced security capabilities such as alarms, access control devices, and other components that supplement run-of-the-mill security cameras. These applications aim to deliver a top-tier security package. 

A cloud based security camera systems such as this can be expensive. Especially because this type of system is either a “rip and replace” of a current system or a first generation installation. So, what about businesses on a budget who have costly and extensive infrastructure already in place? Is there some sort of software solution that allows businesses to keep their existing camera systems while transforming it into a cloud based security camera system?

Connected Sites: A Cloud Based Security Camera System

Introducing: Connected Sites. Connected Sites is a software that integrates with existing security cameras for easy installation. Simply plug the Connected Sites DVR into your network via ethernet and set up the cloud VMS in under 10 minutes. With just a few clicks, you can detect and add existing IP camera systems into the dashboard. From there, you can use these camera streams to create custom views, share footage, and gain visibility from any device. This DVR box essentially transforms your CCTVs into cloud based security cameras.

A Connected Sites DVR allows you to:

  • Bring advanced AI to any IP camera

  • Support up to 25 video cameras

  • Continuously record for 30+ days

  • Access home dashboard instantly, from anywhere

cloud based security cameras

The Connected Sites system is designed for all types of industries that need to secure their buildings. But our customers in the manufacturing, education, and medical fields have all seen huge success with the this cloud based security camera system. It has empowered business owners to do so much more than just monitor their facilities.


Connected Sites cloud based camera system use powerful AI technology to identify pre-determined threats, both outside and inside the facility, and send immediate alerts to the appropriate personnel. Unusual activity, such as theft or fighting, is responded to immediately and time spent investigating is reduced dramatically.


Workplace hazards are commonplace for many industries. From faulty equipment to freak accidents, there are many reasons to use Connected Sites to monitor the safety of employees. With intelligent detection and powerful search capabilities, management can quickly identify workplace hazards before an incident of any kind happens.


Keeping operations running at 100% efficiency is important to every business owner. There are many opportunities for time and assets to become wasted, in turn losing the business money. Connected Sites uses AI insights and proactive alerts to identify process or operational inefficiencies. It then pings management when a weak link has been discovered.

Data Encryption for Cloud Based Security Cameras

Another important aspect of business operations, especially in industries dealing with sensitive information, is data protection. Is your video footage being protected from hackers or other ill-wishers? Do you understand the risks being run when dealing with substantial amounts of sensitive data being recorded and stored onsite? In 2018, it is estimated that nearly 46% of US companies suffered a data breach, almost doubled from 24% in 2017. These figures tell us that technology advancements are emboldening cyber-attackers and their malfeasance is showing no signs of slowing down.

From a patented technology architecture to built-in security tools for administrators, Connected Sites ensures that your network and organization is totally protected.

This protection includes:

  • TLS 1.2 protocols, AES256 encryption

  • Always protected with over the air patches

  • Validated by 3rd party audits

  • Robust end-user security tools

  • Redundant hosted software service

As with all forms of technology, sometimes there is a malfunction or a user error that causes a disruption in functionality. If an issue ever arises with Connected Sites, there is a robust Knowledge Base available that allows you to self-service minor issues. But if a problem cannot be managed locally, 24/7 support is always available. 

cloud based security cameras

Connected Sites empower business owners to protect their facilities to the fullest. It does this by using cutting-edge technology to turn existing security camera systems into cloud-based mega-security solutions. The powerful AI learning of the cameras lets you set predetermined filters, so search, find, and alert capabilities are a breeze if ever an incident, large or small, occurs. This same AI learning can be applied to pinpoint weaknesses in the operations chain, identifying the cause and sending automatic notifications to management so action can be taken. Connected Sites technology keeps employees safe, the facility secure, and business operations boomin’. Reach out to Monarch to schedule a demo today!

Updated: Dec 29

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