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Restaurant monitored by security cameras with video intelligence

Improving Security and Productivity with Video Intelligence

Video intelligence is a growing field that combines the use of video surveillance and advanced analytics to gain insights and make informed decisions. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, video intelligence systems are able to analyze vast amounts of video data in real-time, providing businesses with valuable insights and enabling them to make data-driven decisions.

Whether it’s identifying patterns and trends in customer behavior, detecting potential security threats, or optimizing operational efficiency, video intelligence can help businesses make the most of their video surveillance systems.

We will explore the capabilities and benefits of video intelligence, and how it can help businesses make smarter and more informed decisions. Learn more by talking to a security expert at Monarch.

Video intelligence technology, like Verkada’s, provides numerous benefits to businesses and organizations.

  • Improved safety and security: By using video intelligence, businesses can proactively identify and respond to potential safety and security threats in real-time. This can include everything from detecting suspicious activity to identifying people of interest.
  • Enhanced productivity: Video intelligence can also be used to optimize operations and improve productivity. For example, it can be used to track and monitor the movement of people and assets within a facility, allowing businesses to identify bottlenecks and streamline processes.
  • Increased efficiency: By automating the process of reviewing and analyzing video footage, video intelligence can save businesses time and resources.
  • Improved customer service: Video intelligence can also be used to improve customer service, by providing businesses with valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences.
Restaurant with a security system that has video intelligence
Business owners lookin gat video intelligence options

Learn more about how Verkada’s video intelligence works

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What is video intelligence and how does it work?

Video intelligence is the use of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically detect, classify, and extract information from video footage.

This can be done through the use of specialized software and algorithms that are trained to recognize specific patterns, objects, or behaviors in the video.

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What are some common applications of video intelligence?

Video intelligence can be used in a wide range of industries and applications, including security, transportation, retail, and manufacturing.

Some common examples include identifying potential security threats, detecting accidents or traffic violations, tracking customer behavior in a store, and monitoring the performance of industrial equipment.

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How does video intelligence differ from traditional video surveillance?

Traditionally, video surveillance has relied on human operators to monitor and analyze footage. This can be time-consuming and prone to errors, and is limited by the amount of footage that a person can realistically review.

Video intelligence, on the other hand, uses AI algorithms to automatically analyze and interpret the footage, providing real-time insights and alerts to relevant parties.

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Can video intelligence be used to identify specific individuals or objects?

Yes, video intelligence can be used to recognize specific individuals or objects within a video.

This is typically done through the use of facial recognition or object detection algorithms, which can be trained to recognize specific features or characteristics

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Is video intelligence accurate?

The accuracy of video intelligence depends on the quality of the footage and the algorithms being used.

In general, video intelligence is more accurate when it is trained on a large dataset of high-quality video footage and when it is fine-tuned for a specific use case.

However, it is important to note that video intelligence is not foolproof and may produce false positives or negatives in certain situations.

Why Choose Verkada?

Verkada solutions stand out from the traditional security systems because they are designed to be user-friendly, scalable, and flexible all while providing enterprise-grade security. After all, Verkada cameras and access control devices are made with cutting-edge AI technology and have the best machine learning capabilities on the market. Essentially, Verkada helps construction site administrators stay ahead of the curve with their innovative and comprehensive security solutions.

Verkada devices for video intelligence
  • Solid-state Storage (SSD): No NVR, DVR, or server is required.
  • Simple Plug-and-Play Install: Just a standard Ethernet cable is required for the cameras to be brought online and fully operational within minutes.
  • Time lapse: Watch a day of footage in under 30 seconds with timelapses.
  • Floor Plan: Quickly respond to incidents with real-time motion plotting.
  • Regular, Automatic Software Updates: No work needed from you!
  • Remote Access 24/7
Verkada cameras with video intelligence
Limitlessly Smart
  • AI-Based Video Analytics: Face detection and license plate detection
  • Smart Filters: Search for specific people, vehicles, and objects
  • Live Alerts: Receive instant alerts in any meaningful event
  • Shareable Live Feeds: Share your live feed via SMS to first responders or others
  • 10-Year Warranty: Rest assured that your money is well protected
verkada dome camera next to a laptop
  • Unlimited Storage on Camera and Cloud
  • Unlimited Users Allowed
  • Infinitely Scalable

The Dome Series

Verkada’s dome cameras provides enterprise-grade security in a variety of models suitable for any environment – indoors or outdoors.

  • Durable, vandal-proof housing with outdoor models having a weather-resistant design
    • Indoor models: IK08 impact rating
    • Outdoor models: IK10 impact and IP67 weather ratings
Functionality and Storage
  • High resolution cameras – up to 4K
  • Max of 365 days of footage storage in standard quality
  • 128GB – 2TB of onboard storage
  • Low–bandwidth impact
Video Intelligence Features
  • Edge processing for motion, People, and Vehicle Analytics
  • Occupancy Trends available only on Dome Series cameras

The Bullet Series

Verkada’s bullet cameras are built to withstand extreme conditions, and its conspicuous appearance is meant to deter would-be assailants. Essentially, it is the ideal camera for harsh environments.

  • Durable and weather-proof
    • IP67 weather rating and IK10 impact rating
  • Lens – Choose between wide-angle or telephoto
Functionality and Storage
  • High resolution cameras – up to 4k
  • Max of 365 days of footage retention in standard quality
  • 128GB–2TB of onboard storage
  • Low–bandwidth impact
Video Intelligence Features
  • License Plate Recognition available only for telephoto cameras
  • Edge-based processing for motion, people and vehicle analytics
  • NDAA compliant

The Mini Series

Verkada’s mini cameras offer a compact and discreet security solution for businesses. These cameras are designed to be small and unobtrusive, making them well-suited for installation in tight spaces or in areas where a larger camera may be noticeable.

  • Small and discreet camera
Functionality and Storage
  • Max of 365 days of footage retention in standard quality
  • 128GB – 2TB of onboard storage
  • Low band-width impact
Video Intelligence Features
  • Edge–based processing for motion and tamper detection along with People Analytics

The CF81-E Fisheye

Verkada’s fisheye camera offers dynamic viewing experiences with sophisticated onboard processing and a wide–angle 12MP image sensor. In fact, there are five different viewing options available to users: panoramic, digital pan-tilt-zoom, 2-way split, 3-way split, and 4-way split.

  • Durable and weatherproof
    • IP67 weather rating and IK10 impact rating
  • 12MP image sensor for wide–angle coverage
Functionality and Storage
  • Max of 90 days of footage retention in standard quality
  • 512GB–2TB of onboard storage
  • Low–bandwidth impact
Video Intelligence Features
  • Five viewing modes
  • Nighttime visibility with IR illuminators (20m/66ft)
  • NDAA compliant

Video intelligence can be used in a variety of ways to improve security and operations in various industries.

  • Retail: Video intelligence can help retailers monitor customer behavior and identify potential shoplifters. It can also be used to optimize store layouts and improve customer experience.
  • Transportation: Video intelligence can be used to monitor traffic flow, identify accidents and other incidents, and optimize transportation routes.
  • Healthcare: Video intelligence can be used to monitor patient care, identify potential safety concerns, and improve overall efficiency in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.
  • Manufacturing: Video intelligence can be used to monitor production lines, identify bottlenecks and other inefficiencies, and optimize production processes.
  • Public safety: Video intelligence can be used by law enforcement and other public safety agencies to monitor public spaces, identify potential threats, and respond to emergencies.
Retail store protected from shoplifting with video intelligence

People Analytics – Video Intelligence

People Analytics combines cloud-based computer vision with intelligent edge-based video processing to give users high-quality images of every person recognized in the scene.

Moreover, Verkada’s centralized management platform enables users to filter visitors according to a wide range of criteria, such as time of day, date, appearance, clothing color, backpack detection, and facial matches. Consider the following benefits of Verkada’s People Analytics.

  • Face search
  • Occupancy trends
  • Person history
  • Examine footage remotely
  • Cross camera tracking
  • Filters for attributes
      • Filter by a variety of criteria, such as clothing color, gender appearance, and facial matches


view people of interest with video intelligence

Video intelligence can provide a range of benefits for businesses looking to improve their security and operations. It allows for the real-time analysis of video footage, enabling organizations to identify and respond to potential threats or issues as they happen.

With the use of advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, video intelligence can also help businesses better understand their operations, identify patterns and trends, and make more informed decisions.

Overall, the use of video intelligence can help businesses increase efficiency, improve safety, and make more informed decisions. Learn more by meeting with security experts at Monarch.