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  • School Security Cameras and AI Tech: Connecting Campuses
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School Security Cameras and AI Tech: Connecting Campuses

“Connected Schools” use the best school security cameras with cutting-edge AI technology to connect the campus functions to the cloud. Administrators can monitor, secure, and optimize educational operations to deliver a safe and healthy learning environment for students and faculty alike.

K-12 schools benefits in a variety of ways from security camera systems:

  • Deter bullying and violence among students

  • Monitor hallways, courtyards, parking lots, and in some cases, classrooms

  • Gather evidence in the event of an incident with high resolution footage

  • Deter trespassers and vandals

  • Pair with other solutions to create a robust security system

  • Protect students and faculty from inside and outside threats

Despite these benefits, school security cameras have a strong stigma due to legal stipulations and privacy concerns. Most teachers and parents agree on the importance of security cameras in common areas like entrances, hallways, and parking lots. But the debate heats up when monitoring classrooms comes into question, even though it is legal.

School Safety Challenges

Challenges like school shooter threats and social distancing rules due to COVID-19 have forced schools to adapt to a new kind of learning environment. And this environment heavily relies on heightened security protocols and cameras in schools.

Video cameras and physical access control are optimal security measures to have in the arsenal. But how can they be enhanced to add another layer of protection to students and teachers?

Unlike traditional CCTV camera systems, Verkada cameras do so much more than just record and retain video footage. These IP cameras are made with cutting-edge AI technology and have the best machine learning capabilities. This helps school administrators to make informed, big picture security decisions.

Verkada School Security Cameras

Specialized AI-driven features include:

  • Unlimited cloud storage, allowing for 24/7 surveillance

  • Easy access to archived or live feed videos on any browser or device

  • Linked live feed sharing via SMS to cut down on response time in case of emergency

  • Instant alerts in any meaningful event caught on camera

  • Bandwidth-friendly, high quality imaging

  • Facial/object/vehicle recognition and search feature

  • License Plate Recognition to monitor vehicular events

  • Overcrowding Notifications to manage occupancy issues

  • AI-derived analytics, providing insights to trends and patterns in the school

  • Easy installation and scaling

  • Single Ethernet cable to operate

  • Built-in Solid State Storage – no NVR or DVR needed

But the capabilities of a “Connected School” don’t stop there.

Monarch is able to completely outfit the campus with additional cloud-based solutions that work together to further secure the school.

school security cameras

These revolutionary solutions provide school administrators peace of mind and protection from threats of all kinds, no matter where on the campus they may take place.

school security cameras
Updated: Jan 5

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