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VX52 Viewing Station


Monitor Every Angle

The Verkada VX52 Viewing Station is a dedicated device that streams up to 300 camera feeds with ultra-low latency, crisp video playback, customizable layouts, and Smart Tiles.

  • Stream up to 300 camera feeds in real-time with ultra-low latency, 10 pages total
  • Customizable Smart Tiles to prioritize events like high-motion activity, door access control, and environmental sensor data
  • Administrator-managed device with no need for additional accounts
  • Plug-and-play device with zero local configuration required
  • Backed by a 10-year warranty

All Verkada hardware has a 10 year warranty from the date of shipment. For more information, click here.

Real-Time Video Streaming Made Easy

Introducing the Verkada VX52 Viewing Station, a dedicated device that offers real-time video viewing with ultra-low delays, crystal clear playbacks, and customizable Smart Tiles. The Viewing Station essentially acts as a video wall. With the ability to stream up to 300 camera feeds across 10 pages on a single display, the Viewing Station is a must-have for enterprise-grade surveillance.

Moreover, the VX52 is an administrator-managed device that requires no additional accounts, making it easy to use and manage. Additioanlly, the plug-and-play design allows for a simple setup with zero local configuration required. The VX52 also ensures continuous, uninterrupted streaming – both remotely and locally.

With the ability to prioritize camera feeds with Smart Tiles of high-motion activity, door access control events, and environmental data in real-time, the VX52 Viewing Station offers unparalleled video surveillance capabilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions VX52 Viewing Station

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What is the VX52 Viewing Station?

The VX52 is a dedicated device that streams up to 300 camera feeds to any display with ultra-low latency, crisp video playback, customizable Smart Tiles, and layouts.

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How many camera feeds can the VX52 stream?

The VX52 can stream up to 300 camera feeds, 30 cameras per page, and up to 10 pages.

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How do I set up the VX52?

Simply connect the device to your network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, and it’s ready to stream in minutes with zero configuration needed.

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Can non-admin viewers access historical footage?

No, non-admin viewers cannot access historical footage and cannot modify display settings.

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What are Smart Tiles and how do they work?

Smart Tiles are customizable tiles that allow customers to prioritize camera feeds with high motion activity, door access control events, and environmental data in real-time. The Smart Tiles feature is available on the VX52 Viewing Station and can be configured using the Command platform. There are three types of Smart Tiles: Active Area, Access Control, and Sensor.

Features of the VX52 Viewing Station

Discover the many benefits of the VX52 Viewing Station with Verkada’s advanced technology.

  • Provides real-time video feeds from up to 300 cameras across 10 pages on a single display
  • Ultra-low latency ensures crisp and smooth video playback for optimal viewing
  • Administrator managed device eliminates the need for additional accounts and ensures secure access
  • Plug-and-play functionality with zero local configuration required makes for easy installation and setup
  • Smart Tiles allow for easy configuration and prioritization of camera feeds with high motion activity, door access control events, and environmental data
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Smart Tiles

Verkada’s VX52 Viewing Station features Smart Tiles that enable users to easily configure their video wall and prioritize camera feeds based on their preferences. There are three types of Smart Tiles available:

  1. Active Area: This tile allows users to view the camera feed with the most motion, which will automatically switch to the camera that has the most motion in its field of view. Users can also view a graph that shows when motion was detected the most.
  2. Access Control: This tile displays a live list of access events, such as door opens and door forced open, alongside the corresponding camera footage.
  3. Sensor: This tile displays the current readings of deployed sensors and allows users to configure which readings to display. Users can easily monitor their facility’s air quality, temperature, and other environmental factors at a glance.

Applications of the Verkada VX52 Viewing Station:

The VX52 Viewing Station is a versatile product that can be used in various settings, such as:

  • Corporate offices: Keep track of employee activity, monitor entrances and exits, and ensure a secure environment.
  • Healthcare facilities: Monitor patient activity, keep track of visitors, and maintain a safe and secure environment.
  • Educational institutions: Monitor campus activity, prevent unauthorized access, and ensure the safety of students and staff.
  • Retail stores: Monitor customer behavior, prevent theft, and ensure a safe shopping environment.
  • Government facilities: Monitor access points, ensure secure environments, and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Industrial facilities: Monitor activity, prevent theft, and ensure a safe working environment.
  • Hospitality: Monitor guest activity, maintain a secure environment, and ensure compliance with safety regulations.
Corporate office that has viewing station

Shop the VX52 Viewing Station

The VX52 Viewing Station is the perfect solution for organizations that need to stream multiple camera feeds with ultra-low latency and customizable layouts.

Additionally, VX52 offers stable and resilient performance with easy plug-and-play setup. Backed by Verkada’s industry-leading warranty and customer support, the VX52 is the viewing platform of choice for customers with real-time viewing requirements.

Let’s Talk About Your Needs

The Verkada VX52 Viewing Station is a versatile and powerful tool for a variety of industries. Its ability to seamlessly integrate with Verkada’s cloud-based platform and support up to 300 camera feeds make it a great choice for organizations seeking to expand their surveillance capabilities.

The VX52 Viewing Station’s Smart Tiles further enhance its capabilities by enabling users to prioritize certain cameras feeds. Whether you’re in healthcare, education, manufacturing, or any other industry, the VX52 Viewing Station has the features and flexibility to meet your unique needs.

Contact Monarch today to learn more about how the VX52 Viewing Station can help you achieve your security goals.


Product Specifications

Supported Displays

  • One display per station

Supported Resolution

  • Up to 4096 x 2160 resolution

Number of Stream

  • Up to 300 cameras (local and remote)
  • 30 per page


  • A12 Bionic chip with 64-bit architecture


  • RJ-45 cable connector;
  • 10/100/1000 Mbps


  • HDMI 2.1 port, gigabit ethernet

Wifi Connectivity

  • 802.11ax WiFi 6 with MIMO

Operating Temperature

  • 0°C – 35°C (32°F – 95°F)


  • 0 to 95%

Storage Temperature

  • -20°C to 45°C / -4°F to 113°F

Operating Altitude

  • Up to 3000m / 10,000Ft


  • 10 years

Included Accessories

  • HDMI cord, setup guide, power cord, Apple TV remote


  • 425g / 15oz


  • H: 35.6mm / 1.4in
  • L: 99.1mm / 3.9in
  • W: 99.1mm / 3.9in


  • Recycled aluminum and plastic


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