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Panic Button



The Panic Button is an easy-to-use accessory that allows drivers to alert fleet managers in the event of an emergency or compromising situation. Plugged directly into the vehicle gateway, when pushed, the buttom immediately sends an alert to managers with captured video footage from the CM31 or CM32 dash camera. The Panic Button is a part of a complete solution designed to enhance efficiency, safety, customer service, and compliance.

  • Emergency alerts
  • Automated video retrieval
  • Enhanced alerts
  • Easy plug-and-play installation takes 15 minutes
  • Accessory to VG34 Vehicle Gateway

Product Specifications


  • 50mm diameter x 16mm height


  • 78 g

Cable Length

  • 2.3m

Temperature Range

  • -40 to 85ºC

Mounting Material

  • 3M VHB heavy duty adhesive


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