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Streamline Your Mailroom Management

Verkada’s Mailroom solution helps businesses streamline mailroom operations and increase security through automated shipment tracking and camera integration.

  • Automated scanning and shipment matching using OCR (optical character recognition) technology
    • Easily match shipments to employees
  • Instant notifications and reminders for employees when shipments arrive
  • Employee self-service dashboard for shipment tracking and redirection
  • Comprehensive reporting for office managers and receptionists
  • Verkada camera integration for live and historical mailroom activity monitoring
  • Ability to investigate lost shipments through camera footage filtering.

Optimize Mailroom Operations

play button Mobile phone displaying notification from Verkada’s Mailroom solution

Introducing Verkada’s Mailroom solution, a powerful tool for businesses, schools, and healthcare facilities to streamline their mailroom operations and manage their deliveries with ease. With this solution, you can effortlessly scan and match inbound shipments using optical character recognition technology and automatically match shipments to employees based on their contact information in your active directory.

You can also send instant notifications and reminders to employees via phone, email, or Slack, and print name labels to make finding packages and shipments easier. Additionally, the solution’s dashboard enables employees to view a history of all their current and prior deliveries, redirect notifications to others, and investigate lost shipments with Verkada’s camera integration.

Upgrade your mailroom with the Mailroom License from Monarch and simplify your inventory and supply chain operations today.

Truck full of packages on the way to a mailroom where operations are facilitated by Verkada’s solutions

Frequently Asked Questions Mailroom License

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What is Verkada’s Mailroom solution?

Verkada’s Mailroom solution is a software application that streamlines mailroom operations by simplifying the tracking and delivery of packages, inventory, and supplies.

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How does Verkada’s Mailroom solution work?

Verkada’s Mailroom solution uses optical character recognition (OCR) to scan package labels and match them to employee names in your active directory. The software then sends instant notifications to employees, reminding them to pick up their packages.

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What are the key features of Verkada’s Mailroom solution?

Verkada’s Mailroom solution has several key features, including label OCR scanning, user directory integration, instant recipient notifications, automatic pickup reminders, and Verkada video security integration.

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Can Verkada’s Mailroom solution be customized to fit our specific needs?

Yes, Verkada’s Mailroom solution can be customized to fit your specific needs. The software allows office managers to add custom notes and additional photos to each shipment, and the dashboard provides comprehensive reporting and filtering options.

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Is Verkada’s Mailroom solution secure?

Yes, Verkada’s Mailroom solution is secure. The software integrates with Verkada’s camera system, allowing office managers to monitor mailroom activity in real-time and review historical footage to investigate lost packages.

Features of Verkada’s Mailroom Solution

Team reviewing viewing station

Verkada’s Mailroom solution is a powerful and comprehensive tool that streamlines mailroom operations, increases efficiency, and provides enhanced security for your mailroom.

  • Identify Package: Optical character recognition (OCR) technology for quick and accurate scanning and matching of inbound shipments
  • Identify Receiver of Package(s): Automatic shipment matching to employees, with syncing of contact information from your Active Directory
  • Notifications of Package: Instant notifications and reminders to employees via phone, email or Slack
  • Employee Dashboard: Self-service employee dashboard to view shipment history and redirect notifications to others for pickup
  • Manager Dashboard: Comprehensive reporting dashboard for office managers and receptionists to track mailroom activity and filter shipments by key fields
  • Video Security Integration: Verkada camera integration for live monitoring of mailroom activity and historical footage playback to investigate lost shipments
  • Efficient Operations: Printing of name labels to make finding packages and shipments easier in busy mailrooms

With these features, Verkada’s Mailroom solution provides a complete package for managing your mailroom with ease and security.

Benefits of Verkada’s Mailroom License

Verkada’s Mailroom solution offers a range of benefits that can help streamline your mailroom operations and improve your overall security posture.

  • Streamlined operations: Verkada Mailroom reduces the need for manual processes and helps you keep track of inventory, supplies and deliveries at all times.
  • Improved package pickup: Automated notifications and reminders across Slack, SMS and email ensure that recipients never miss a package. Plus, photos and printed labels make it easy to locate and retrieve deliveries.
  • Increased efficiency by allowing employees to easily view and manage their mail deliveries using a single dashboard.
  • Reduced risk of lost or stolen packages by enabling you to monitor mailroom activity in real-time using Verkada’s camera integration.
  • Simplified package tracking and reporting with comprehensive reporting and filtering capabilities that allow you to quickly locate packages and track their status.
  • Enhanced security through the use of secure package labeling and notifications, as well as the ability to restrict package pickup to authorized employees.
Scan package label with mailroom

How it Works – Mailroom License

Efficient mailroom with Verkada’s solution

Verkada’s Mailroom solution is a user-friendly and secure system that streamlines the package delivery process. Here is how it works:

  1. Scan the package label: The system allows for easy scanning of package labels from any iPhone device. Once scanned, the system will generate a name label.
  2. Employee notification: The employee will receive a notification to pick up their package, making the pickup process quick and efficient.
  3. Dashboard tracking: The Mailroom solution provides a comprehensive dashboard view of all packages, allowing managers to keep track of all incoming and outgoing packages. This view includes a record of picked up and waiting packages.
  4. Verkada camera integration: Verkada’s camera integration enhances the security of the package pickup process. Managers can view a live feed of the mailroom activity and a historical snapshot of each package scan, making it easy to monitor activity and safeguard valuable assets.

With Verkada’s Mailroom solution, companies can improve their package delivery process by making it more efficient and secure.

Shop the Mailroom License

The Verkada Mailroom Solution is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline and secure mailroom operations. With features like label identifying optical character recognition (OCR), automatic matching of shipments to employees, and instant notifications, the solution offers a hassle-free mailroom experience for both employees and managers. Monarch, a trusted seller of Verkada products, offers the Verkada Mailroom Solution.

Let’s Talk About Your Needs

The Verkada Mailroom Solution is an innovative way for businesses to streamline their mailroom operations and increase security. It is a versatile tool that can be customized to meet the specific needs of different industries, such as healthcare, education, and logistics.

The system’s OCR technology and automatic notification features are perfect for busy mailrooms handling high volumes of packages and letters. Additionally, the integration with Verkada cameras enhances security and makes it easy to investigate lost or stolen packages.

With Monarch as a seller of Verkada products, businesses can trust that they are getting the best quality solution and support. Book a call today to learn more about how the Verkada Mailroom Solution can help your organization.


Product Specifications

Hardware Requirements

  • Scanning: iPhone (must run iOS 15 or above)
  • Printing: Label printer (Optional. Must be AirPrint compatible. We recommend Brother QL820-NWB)

Software Requirements

  • Free Verkada Mailroom app on the App Store
  • A valid Verkada Mailroom license per site


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