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Dome Vs Bullet Camera Explained

Courtney Durler Courtney Durler 6 min read

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The biggest differences between dome vs bullet cameras are the shape, field of view, and location of installation.

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AI Video Analytics for License Plate Recognition

Courtney Durler Courtney Durler 5 min read

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Video Analytics License Plate Recognition uses a telephoto lens and AI design to capture footage and insights that help secure your business.

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Verkada Bullet Camera Review

Courtney Durler Courtney Durler 6 min read
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The best bullet camera is manufactured by Verkada. With its cloud-based storage, AI alerts, and 24/7 monitoring, all security needs are met.

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Bullet Camera

Courtney Durler Courtney Durler 8 min read
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Why The Bullet Camera & Bullet or Dome Camera? The bullet camera is named because of its shape, which resembles a bullet or gun barrel. Additionally, its long shape is no accident; the body shape paired with a large lens and powerful optical zoom suits this camera best for long-range viewing needs. You must know…

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