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  • Verkada Pricing and Product Comparison Guide
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Verkada Pricing and Product Comparison Guide

Monarch provides a range of cloud-based Verkada security cameras and accessories that work together to deliver an advanced, AI-driven security environment. Read on for comprehensive product comparisons and pricing guides.  Although below dive into product specifications and Verkada pricing, I’d like to address some general points about Monarch’s services to set a framework for the rest of the guide.

COST INCLUDES: Depending on the model, number of licenses, and days of storage retention, the total cost of a Verkada security camera ranges from $998 to $3,898. This may seem steep at first glance, but the features and integrations included in the price more than justify the upfront cost. All cameras include:

  • AI-driven analytics
  • An industry-leading 10-year warranty
  • Automatic firmware and software updates
  • Unlimited cloud archiving
  • Verkada security cameras are managed and monitored through a top-of-the-line platform called Verkada Command.
  • Live feeds instantly and manage facial and object recognition features to secure your organization at the highest level.

Any combination of the number of cameras, licenses, and days of storage retention alters the price point.


Despite so many brands and types of security equipment on the market,  it can be challenging because you need to choose the best fit for your organization.

Below is a breakdown of each product:


Starting at: $1,198

Dome Camera for Verkada Pricing

Verkada’s Dome Cameras are built for durability; they feature a discreet vandal-proof design, high-resolution imagery, and simple installation. See below for model comparison and specs.

  • 5 MegaPixel Camera
  • 365 days max of data retention
  • Fixed camera focus
  • 256GB onboard storage



Starting at $1,598

Monarch also offers Verkada Bullet Cameras in various models, though all are made to be installed outdoors. Named for its cylindrical shape, the Bullet Series has a larger, more powerful lens built for long-range viewing needs. Sealed in aluminum housing, the Bullet Series is built to withstand the most demanding environments and vandal risks.

  • 5 MegaPixel Camera
  • 365 days max of data retention
  • Zoomable camera focus
  • 128GB onboard storage



Starting at $998

Monarch offers Verkada Mini Cameras for specialized needs about space issues. Designed for flexibility without compromising image quality, the Mini Series is a great security camera option for those looking for something suitable for a wide range of indoor environments.

  • 5 MegaPixel Camera
  • 365 days max of data retention
  • Fixed camera focus
  • 128GB onboard storage



Starting at $2,198

Lastly, Monarch offers the Verkada Fisheye Camera for seamless panoramic views and 180° coverage in any indoor or outdoor environment. With options for wide-viewing angles or breaking down any area into quadrants, this flexible security camera is suitable for any number of surveillance needs.

  • 12 MegaPixel Camera
  • 90 days max of data retention
  • Fixed camera focus
  • 512GB onboard storage



Verkada access control ranges from $498 to $2,995, depending on the number of doors connected and how many years you’d like your license to run.


Environmental Sensor ranges from $1248 to $2998, depending on how many years you want your license to run.

Why Verkada

What are the benefits of Verkada security systems? Verkada’s centralized security management gives users real-time visibility and an intuitive interface for all business locations. The integration of access control and video surveillance creates a seamless security experience that is easy to use and reliable. With Monarch, you can be sure that your Verkada system will meet your specific needs for convenience and safety. Some of the benefits of Verkada systems include the following:

  • Easy-to-use web-based platform
  • Seamless integration of access control and video surveillance
  • Scalable solution for businesses of all sizes
  • Remote management of all security devices and locations

We can promise the Verkada systems will meet the specific needs of your business. Monarch will work with you to select the right mix of cameras, access control devices, and software to create a comprehensive security solution. Some of the equipment included in a Verkada system includes:

  • Indoor and outdoor Security Cameras
  • Thermal and multi-sensor cameras
  • Access Control Devices: Readers, cards, and key fobs 
  • Software: Centralized management platform
  • Mobile app

MONITORING: Verkada security cameras and additional equipment are incredibly user-friendly and easy to monitor. 

INSTALLATION: Installation could not be more accessible for Verkada security cameras and accessories. Designed for ease of use and instant plug-and-play installs, Verkada products are practically ready to go right out of the box.  


For a little more guidance, follow the simple instructions in the included quick-start guide, connect to power and the internet, and you will be up and running in no time!PricingVerkada security cameras are some of the most affordable on the market. Verkada offers a variety of models to choose from, each with its unique set of features to suit your specific needs.

With Monarch, you can be sure to find the perfect Verkada system for your business without breaking the bank learn more about Verkada pricing, contact Monarch today. One of our experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you choose the best security solution for your business. Monarch is proud to be a Verkada-authorized dealer. As a leading provider of security solutions, monarch offers a wide range of Verkada products and services to meet the needs of any business. Contact us today to learn more about our affordable Verkada pricing.

For questions about Verkada products and Monarch services, reach out here, and our talented sales staff will be happy to help.

Updated: Oct 19

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