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Skyline of Downtown Knoxville, TN with businesses secured by surveillance cameras

Protect Your Property: Knoxville TN’s Best Security Cameras

When it comes to protecting your property in Knoxville, you want the best security measures available. That’s where Monarch comes in, offering high-quality security cameras by Verkada to keep an eye on your business 24/7.

With Verkada’s state-of-the-art technology, you can rest easy knowing that you’re always connected and secure. Whether you’re looking to deter potential intruders, monitor employee behavior, or simply keep an eye on your property, Monarch has the perfect security camera solution for your business in Knoxville, TN.

The Benefits of Security Cameras in Knoxville, TN

  • Deter criminal activity: The presence of security cameras can deter criminals from committing crimes in the first place.
  • Provide evidence: In the unfortunate event of a crime, security cameras can provide valuable evidence for law enforcement.
  • Monitor remote locations: Security cameras can be used to monitor remote locations, such as storage yards or warehouses, helping to ensure that they are secure.
  • Reduce insurance premiums: Many insurance companies offer reduced premiums for businesses that have security cameras installed.
  • Peace of mind: Knowing that your property is being monitored by security cameras can provide peace of mind and a sense of security.
Theater in Knoxville, TN that has a sign of Tennessee and is protected by security cameras

Verkada device family for Knoxville, TN security camera systems

Verkada: Innovative Security Solutions

Verkada’s security cameras are designed with the latest innovative technology to provide advanced solutions for various industries. Here are some of the cutting-edge features that set Verkada apart and make their security cameras the premier choice for Knoxville, TN businesses.

Cloud-Based Cameras and Management

With Verkada’s cloud-based video management system, businesses can access their footage from anywhere, anytime, without the need for on-site servers or manual video backup. The cameras use edge processing to process video footage at the source, eliminating the need for additional hardware or software. This also ensures that the system continues to function even in the event of an internet outage.

AI-Based Analytics

In addition to these features, Verkada cameras offer advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, such as object and person detection, which can help businesses identify potential threats quickly and efficiently. Verkada also uses machine learning to continually improve its algorithms, ensuring that its cameras can adapt to different environments and lighting conditions.

Verkada outdoor dome security camera for Knoxville, TN businesses


Another key innovation of Verkada’s cameras is their built-in cybersecurity. The cameras are designed with multiple layers of security to protect against hacking and unauthorized access. With Verkada’s end-to-end encryption and secure boot technology, businesses can be confident that their data is secure and protected.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Verkada’s cameras also come with an intuitive interface and user-friendly design, making them easy to set up and operate. With Verkada’s simple-to-use platform, businesses can easily manage their cameras, view footage, and customize settings from one central location.

Overall, Verkada’s security cameras offer innovative, advanced solutions for businesses in Knoxville, TN looking to enhance their security and protect their assets.

Verkada Security Cameras Knoxville, TN

Verkada security cameras for businesses in Knoxville, TN

Elevate your security game with Verkada’s top-of-the-line security cameras for Knoxville, TN businesses and organizations. The cutting-edge technology delivers crystal-clear images, 24/7 protection, and easy remote access.

From retail shops to transportation companies, Verkada has the perfect security camera solution to meet your specific needs. Browse our product grid to find the right fit for your business today.

The Dome Series — Security Cameras Knoxville, TN

The Dome Series from Verkada provides enterprise-grade security in a variety of models suitable for any environment – indoors or outdoors. These IP security cameras with analytics have a long-lasting, vandal-resistant design and sensor resolutions of up to 4K.

  • Durable, vandal-proof housing with outdoor models having a weather-resistant design.
    • Indoor models: IK08 impact rating
    • Outdoor models: IK10 impact and IP67 weather ratings
Functionality and Storage
  • High resolution cameras – up to 4K
  • Max of 365 days of footage storage in standard quality
  • 128GB – 2TB of onboard storage
  • Low–bandwidth impact
  • Edge processing for motion, People, and Vehicle Analytics
  • Occupancy Trends available only on Dome Series cameras

The Bullet Series — Security Cameras Knoxville, TN

The Bullet Series from Verkada is built to withstand extreme conditions, and its conspicuous appearance is meant to deter would-be assailants. Essentially, it is the ideal cloud-based security camera for harsher areas.

  • Durable and weather-proof
    • IP67 weather rating and IK10 impact rating
  • Lens – Choose between wide-angle or telephoto
Functionality and Storage
  • High resolution cameras – up to 4k
  • Max of 365 days of footage retention in standard quality
  • 128GB–2TB of onboard storage
  • Low–bandwidth impact
  • License Plate Recognition available only for telephoto cameras
  • Edge-based processing for motion, people and vehicle analytics
  • NDAA compliant

The Mini Series — Security Cameras Knoxville, TN

Verkada’s mini series offers a compact and discreet security solution for businesses in Knoxville, TN. These cameras are designed to be small and unobtrusive, making them well-suited for installation in tight spaces or in areas where a larger camera may be noticeable.

  • Small and discreet camera
Functionality and Storage
  • Max of 365 days of footage retention in standard quality
  • 128GB – 2TB of onboard storage
  • Low band-width impact
  • Edge–based processing for motion and tamper detection along with People Analytics

The CF81-E Fisheye — Security Cameras Knoxville, TN

Verkada’s fisheye cloud-based security camera offers dynamic viewing experiences with sophisticated onboard processing and a wide–angle 12MP image sensor. In fact, there are five different viewing options available to users: panoramic, digital pan-tilt-zoom, 2-way split, 3-way split, and 4-way split.


The fisheye camera for Knoxville, TN organizations and businesses is durable and weatherproof with an IP67 weather rating and IK10 impact rating. The image sensor is 12MP for wide–angle coverage.

Functionality and Storage

The fisheye camera’s maximum amount of days for footage retention in standard quality is 90. This camarera boasts 512GB–2TB of onboard storage as well as low–bandwidth impact.


As mentioned, there are 5 viewing modes. All of these modes are crystal-clear at all times of day due to the camera’s nighttime visibility ability with IR illuminators (20m/66ft). The fisheye camera is also NDAA compliant.

Why Choose Verkada?

Verkada solutions stand out from traditional security systems because they are designed to be user-friendly, smart, and scalable all while providing enterprise-grade security.

With cutting-edge AI technology, machine learning capabilities, and camera analytics, Verkada’s security cameras for Knoxville, TN organizations and businesses help create smarter and safer spaces.

Verkada family for security camera systems in Knoxville, TN
  • Solid-state Storage (SSD)
  • Simple Plug-and-Play Install
  • Time lapse
  • Floor Plan
  • Regular, Automatic Software Updates
  • Remote Access 24/7
Limitlessly Smart
  • Unlimited Storage on Camera and Cloud
  • Unlimited Users Allowed
  • Infinitely Scalable

Remote Monitoring — Security Cameras Knoxville, TN

Footage captured the security cameras of a business in Knoxville, tn

Remote security monitoring is a process that allows security professionals to keep an eye on your property and assets from afar 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Step 1: Choose the Cameras for Site Surveillance

You begin by determining which cameras will be watched and at what times. Verkada’s high-tech AI analytics then notify on-call security personnel whenever a human is detected at the scene. Access control and intrusion sensors are just two examples of the other Verkada devices that can trigger alarms.

Step 2: Security Officer Checks for Danger

Second, when an alarm goes off, the people who are watching the live video feed will look at the footage to see if anything is in immediate danger.

Step 3: Security Officer Responds to Incidents

Ultimately, if there is a real danger, the monitoring agent will immediately contact the customer’s call list. In the event of an emergency, customers can also request that agents contact the appropriate authorities. The agent avoids unnecessary alarms by disregarding the situation if it poses no immediate risk.

People Analytics — Security Cameras Knoxville, TN

People Analytics combines cloud-based computer vision with intelligent edge-based video processing to give users high-quality images of every person recognized in the scene.

  • Face Search*
    • You can quickly find people who look like a face you already have in your organization. You can also upload an image of a face of a person of interest.
  • Occupancy Trends
    • Estimate the number of people who cross a customizable digital line on a video feed.
    • Keep track of how a space is being used in order to improve business operations.
  • Person History 
    • Search through high-resolution snapshots of people detected in the frame.
    • Save screenshots or easily access associated high-resolution video.
  • Filters for Attributes
    • Filter by a variety of criteria, such as clothing color, gender appearance, and facial matches.
  • Cross Camera Tracking
    • Quickly identify people of interest or potential suspects across all cameras at all sites.
    • Record and export multiple angles of a person to provide evidence quickly.

*It is important to use the face recognition technology ethically, respecting individuals’ rights to privacy and avoiding bias. Moreover, when possible, businesses should be transparent with people about the use of the technology and obtain consent.

Command interface displaying people of interested captured by the security cameras of a business in Knoxville, TN

Motion Notifications — Security Cameras Knoxville, TN

Motion Notifications is a feature from Verkada that proactively notifies customers when motion is detected within a defined area of the frame.

Using onboard analytics, Verkada cameras will constantly monitor the selected activity zones and trigger an alert if a human is detected in the frame. The feature also allows users to add filters to trigger an alert only within a certain time window, ensuring that users are only notified on actionable events.

Business sign of an Art Market in Knoxville, TN with assets that are safeguarded with security cameras

Smarter Surveillance with Verkada Security Cameras for Knoxville, TN

Security cameras play a vital role in ensuring the safety and security of various institutions, businesses, and organizations in Knoxville, TN. Whether it’s a school, hospital, retail store, or any other facility, security cameras provide real-time surveillance and can help deter crime, reduce liability, and improve overall safety.

With top-notch technology, crystal-clear images, and 24/7 surveillance, you can trust Verkada to be your reliable security partner. Experience peace of mind and elevate your security game with Verkada today.