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  • Security Cameras are Helping Industrial Buildings Improve Security
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Security Cameras are Helping Industrial Buildings Improve Security

Well, I was asked to write this blog regarding security cameras, and honestly, when I thought about it, I was hesitant because I don’t really know a lot about them and didn’t know what I could offer as far as information. As I thought about it a little more and began to educate myself more, I learned a lot about security cameras are helping industrial buildings improve security. 

Security cameras are everywhere — on public streets, in parking lots and business exteriors and now seen more often inside office buildings. If you own a business, a top-quality security system is not an option, it is a must. Protecting your business, assets, and deterring crime are vital if you want to keep your business, and employees, safe. Business owners are more and more feeling the need to have an accurate and undeniable record of what happens on their premises. This is for both safety reasons and for legal protection.  They are all asking the question how are security cameras are helping industrial buildings improve security?

Reasons Security Cameras Are Helping Industrial Buildings Improve Security

So, what are some of the top reasons why security cameras should be installed in places of business and other locations?

Considering what has happened in the last few days and weeks with the horrific massacres here in the U.S., it has, unfortunately, emphasized to me the importance of now having these in our society. Take for instance the Dayton Ohio, shooting. Security camera footage obtained by CNN shows Connor Betts‘ movements on the night of the Dayton gunman’s mass shooting.

Security Cameras Are Helping Industrial Buildings Improve Security Crime

The most common reason for installing security cameras is to discourage crime and prevent vandalism. Burglars and vandals tend to target businesses and homes that are most vulnerable. Realizing they’re being monitored and that their actions are being recorded may send possible burglars looking elsewhere. Oftentimes, when a crime or act of vandalism is committed, there is a recording of the offender’s face, which when turned over to the police, can lead to an arrest.

Security camera systems can aid businesses by serving as a visual deterrent for theft, an extra eye over employees, building security and deter trespassers from attempting access to your facility. Increased terrorism threats and theft of raw materials have made the manufacturing, storing and shipping of important goods riskier and more expensive in recent years.

Business owners now can watch what’s going on at their business remotely. Surveillance cameras can record not only crimes committed on the outside of a property, but they can also provide an indisputable record of what’s going on inside. When a business owner chooses not to have a security service monitor their business, he or she can still watch for suspicious activity by means of a computer. 

Safety and Productivity

On-camera security also provides safety for employees. If you have a public business, such as a convenience store, liquor store or bank, that robbers might target, the camera will be rolling, so that even if a crime isn’t prevented, there’s a record of it being committed that can help in the prosecution of felons. They can also deter employee theft, as well as a wasting of materials.

Some losses you may incur in your business have nothing to do with theft, but rather loss of productivity. A security camera can be a means for you to make sure employees are performing to your expectations when you’re not around. Surveillance video monitoring is also useful for improving workplace efficiency. By reviewing recorded videos, you may see potential areas of change to increase productivity and reduce wait times.


Cameras can also lessen misbehavior by employees, such as harassment or bullying. A record of events will provide you with the information you need when you’re called on to settle disputes between employees. Some disputes may even end up in court. So having cameras and a video of the problem behavior can help show you were proactive in protecting the safety of your employees. Cameras used for this purpose can also help ensure employees are adhering to company policies and procedures.

If safety is a top concern because of the materials or machines used in your facility, surveillance systems allow you to monitor workers to ensure everyone follows the safety protocols. If a workplace accident does happen, video footage can help identify what went wrong, why, and how to prevent it in the future.


However, there are a couple downsides to installing surveillance cameras. Employees may not flourish in an atmosphere where they feel mistrusted. So they might decide to move on and look for employment elsewhere. Some people also don’t perform well if they feel they’re being watched, inhibiting creativity, which is a loss to you.

Benefits of Security Monitoring And How Security Cameras are Helping Industrial Buildings Improve Security

If you find this occurring and suspect surveillance is to blame, you may have to do a better job of stressing the benefits of these cameras to employees.  The way you  can do this by explaining the cameras are for safety and security and this is how security cameras are helping industrial buildings improve security. You can also emphasize that video surveillance can help you recognize outstanding performance better. You might also explain that no hidden cameras are permitted. Also that no cameras will ever be installed in private areas, such as restrooms or lounges.  

As you can see, there is no question that security cameras have multiple benefits for a business.  Helping both the bottom line and adding amenities to the business that both employees and customers can benefit from. A business without security monitoring leaves itself vulnerable to crime and more difficulties in calling for help.  This is why we belive security cameras are helping industrial buildings improve security.

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