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  • Dash Camera Rear View Mirror
Driver in truck with a dash camera rear view mirror

Upgrade Your Rear View Mirror with a Dash Camera for Enhanced Visibility and Safety

Introducing Samsara cutting-edge dash cameras to enhance rear view mirrors. These dash cameras are a powerful tool that enhances safety and security on the road. With advanced features such as HD video recording, and fleet management capabilities, Samsara dash cams provide unparalleled visibility and protection.

Whether you’re a fleet owner or driver, this innovative solution offers peace of mind and confidence behind the wheel. Discover the benefits of Samsara’s dash camera rear view mirror and elevate your driving experience to the next level.

Benefits of Dash Cameras

Truck driver under hood resolving issue after being alerted by Samsara dash camera rear view mirror

Samsara dash cameras rear view mirror offers a range of benefits that enhance safety and security on the road. Here are some key advantages:

  • Enhanced Safety: Dash cameras provide an additional layer of safety by recording real-time video footage, allowing drivers to have a better view of the road and potential hazards.
  • Video evidence: With HD video recording capabilities, dash camera rear view mirrors capture crucial footage of incidents or accidents, providing irrefutable evidence for insurance claims or legal purposes.
  • Reduced blind spots: Dash cameras can eliminate or minimize blind spots, helping drivers to make safer lane changes, merges, and turns.
  • Fleet management: For fleet owners, dash camera rear view mirrors enable real-time monitoring of vehicles, driver behavior, and route optimization.
  • Cost-effective: Dash camera rear view mirrors provide a cost-effective solution for adding an additional layer of safety and security

Experience the benefits of Samsara dash cameras that complement rear view mirrors today.

Use Cases of Dash Cameras that Complement Rear View Mirrors

Dash cameras, such as Samsara’s CM31 and CM32 models, are highly beneficial for fleets and other trucks. Here are some key uses of dash cams:

  • Accident Documentation
  • Theft Prevention
  • Driver Coaching
  • Compliance with Regulations
  • Vehicle Monitoring – Track location, speed, and other data
  • Fleet Management
  • Road Safety – Promotes safe driving behaviors, reducing accidents, and identifying potential safety risks
Fleet drivings talking about new dash camera rear view mirror

Cross-Industry Dash Camera Solutions

Dash cams, such as Samsara’s CM31 and CM32 models, are beneficial for various industries.

  • Transportation and Logistics: Fleet managers can monitor their vehicles, ensure driver safety, and optimize fleet operations.
  • Construction and Heavy Equipment: Monitor equipment usage, enhance safety, and prevent theft or vandalism.
  • Delivery and Distribution: Monitor driver behavior, ensure timely deliveries, and reduce accidents or damages to goods.
  • Waste Management: Identify collection routes, optimize operations, and improve safety.
Orange fleet with dash camera rear view mirror

Samsara Dash Cameras Rear View Mirror

Monarch offers top-of-the-line Samsara dash cameras that are tailor-made for fleets and trucks. With advanced features and unparalleled reliability, these cameras provide essential visibility and safety measures to safeguard your fleet and drivers while on the road. Take a look at our product grid below to discover the ideal dash camera solution.

The CM31 Front-Facing Dash Camera

Samsara CM31 Front-Facing Dash Camera Rear View Mirror

Introducing the CM31 Front-Facing Dash Camera by Samsara, an HD dash cam designed to complement rear view mirrors. With its advanced features and easy installation, the CM31 provides real-time event detection, automatic uploads of incident footage, and on-demand video retrieval, making it an essential tool for enhancing fleet safety and efficiency.

  • HD Front-Facing Camera with HDR that enables superior night recording, ensuring clear and detailed footage even in low-light conditions.
  • Automatic Uploads and On-Demand Retrieval allowing for remote access to footage on cloud management interface.
  • Edge Processing for Real-Time Event Detection that alerts fleet managers to potential safety risks.
  • Built-in Audio Speaker for Hands-Free Coaching: Provides spoken alerts during unsafe driving behavior such as excessive speeding or unbuckled seatbelts.
  • Cloud-Based Dashboard with Reports and Trend Analysis: Access safety incident reports, driver safety rankings, scorecards, and trend analysis to gain insights and optimize operations.

The CM32 Dual-Facing AI Dash Camera

CM31 Samsara Dual-Facing Dash Camera Rear View Mirror

Introducing the CM32 Dual-Facing Dash Camera by Samsara, an HD dash camera that complements rear view mirrors. With its dual-facing cameras, automatic uploads of incident footage, and intuitive cloud-based software, the CM32 is built to prevent accidents, exonerate drivers, and lower fleet costs.

  • HD dual-facing camera with HDR and infrared LED for night recording.
  • Automatic uploads of incident footage, plus on-demand video retrieval for easy access to historical footage.
  • Edge processing enables real-time event and object detection for proactive safety measures.
  • Built-in audio speaker provides hands-free, voice-based coaching for drivers during unsafe driving behaviors.
  • Cloud-based dashboard with reports and trend analysis for comprehensive fleet management.
  • Easy installation with no hard-wiring into the vehicle required for hassle-free setup.

Fleet driving alongside cliff but safe with dash camera rear view mirror

Frequently Asked Questions – Dash Camera Rear View Mirror

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What are dash camera rear view mirrors?

Dash cameras that complement rear view mirrors, such as Samsara CM31 and CM32 cameras, are advanced devices that capture video footage of critical events on the road. They use AI-based technology to detect incidents like collisions, near-misses, and distracted driving in real-time. The footage is then uploaded to the cloud for easy retrieval and analysis.

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How do Samsara dash cameras work?

Samsara dash cameras use high-resolution cameras to capture video footage of the road, which can be stored locally or uploaded to the cloud. They offer features such as continuous recording, event-triggered recording, and GPS tracking, providing valuable insights into driver behavior, vehicle performance, and road incidents.

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How can dash cams help lower costs for fleets?

Dash cams can help lower costs for fleets by preventing incidents before they happen through in-cab coaching and real-time incident detection. This can lead to reduced collision-related costs, lower insurance premiums, and improved driver behavior, resulting in better fuel efficiency and overall cost savings.

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How can dash cams improve fleet safety and compliance?

Dash cams, such as Samsara dash cameras offered by Monarch, can improve fleet safety and compliance by preventing accidents, documenting incidents, facilitating driver training, monitoring compliance, and optimizing fleet operations.

Enhanced Driver Safety

Dash cameras that complement rear view mirrors, such as Monarch’s CM31 and CM32 models, offers a unique and innovative solution for enhancing safety, security, and fleet management. These cameras offer features such as high-definition video recording, wide field of view, parking mode, and customizable settings.

Hence, these devices provide valuable video footage for evidence in case of accidents, theft prevention, driver coaching, and compliance with regulations. Easy to install and compatible with various types of vehicles, Samsara’s dash camera rear view mirrors are a practical and reliable option for improving road safety and security.

Learn more by speaking with one of our security experts here at Monarch today!