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  • Commercial Truck Dash Cameras
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Drive Safer, Smarter, and More Efficiently with Commercial Truck Dash Cameras

At Monarch, we understand the importance of ensuring the safety of your drivers and protecting your valuable assets. That’s why we are committed to providing top-notch commercial truck dash cameras that prioritize driver safety.

Samsara state-of-the-art dash cameras utilize cutting-edge technology to capture high-definition video of critical events on the road. This enables real-time incident detection and preventative in-cab coaching. Overall, these commercial truck dash cameras offer a powerful tool to enhance fleet safety, lower fleet managementcosts, and promote safe driving habits.

Learn more about the benefits of commercial truck dash cameras by speaking with a security expert here at Monarch!

The Benefits of Commercial Truck Dash Cameras

Revolutionize your fleet management with commercial truck dash cameras. Consider the following advantages:

  • Prevent accidents with real-time incident detection
  • Decrease safety-related costs
  • Deter and reduce high-risk behaviors
  • Access HD footage of critical events for accurate review and analysis.
  • Implement in-cab coaching to promote safe driving habits in high-risk situations.
  • Privacy protection with identity blurring for compliance with privacy needs.
  • Live streaming for virtual ride-alongs and on-road training.
  • Quick and easy video retrieval with proximity search for pinpoint incident details.
Lot full of commercial trucks with dash cameras

What to Look For in Dash Cameras

When it comes to selecting a dash camera for your commercial truck fleet, it’s crucial to consider the features that will provide the most value and enhance safety. Here are some key factors to look for when choosing a dash camera solution.

Commercial truck on the road protected by dash cameras
Commercial truck with dash cameras - view from car in front of it on the adjacent lane
Real-time Incident Detection

Look for commercial truck dash cameras with advanced AI-based technology that can detect incidents such as collisions, near-misses, and distracted driving in real-time, allowing for proactive safety measures

Row of green commercial trucks equipped with AI dash cameras
HD Footage and Easy Retrieval

Opt for dash cameras that capture high-definition video of critical events and offer quick and easy video retrieval through cloud-based platforms like Samsara’s dashboard.

This allows for accurate review and analysis of incidents for better fleet management strategies.

Bright commercial trucks with dash cameras
In-Cab Coaching and Privacy Protection

Choose dash cameras that offer in-cab coaching to promote safe driving habits in high-risk situations, such as tailgating or not wearing seatbelts.

Additionally, look for privacy protection features like identity blurring to comply with privacy needs and regulations.

Samsara Dash Cameras

Monarch offers a range of reliable and cutting-edge Samsara dash cameras designed specifically for commercial trucks. These advanced solutions provide critical visibility and safety features to protect your fleet and drivers on the road. Explore our product grid below to find the perfect dash camera solution for your commercial trucking needs.

The CM31 Front-Facing Dash Camera

CM31 Samsara Commercial Truck Dash Camera

Introducing the CM31 Front-Facing Dash Camera by Samsara, an HD dash cam designed for commercial trucks. With its advanced features and easy installation, the CM31 provides real-time event detection, automatic uploads of incident footage, and on-demand video retrieval, making it an essential tool for enhancing fleet safety and efficiency.

  • HD Front-Facing Camera with HDR that enables superior night recording, ensuring clear and detailed footage even in low-light conditions.
  • Automatic Uploads and On-Demand Retrieval allowing for remote access to footage on cloud management interface.
  • Edge Processing for Real-Time Event Detection that alerts fleet managers to potential safety risks.
  • Built-in Audio Speaker for Hands-Free Coaching: Provides spoken alerts during unsafe driving behavior such as excessive speeding or unbuckled seatbelts.
  • Cloud-Based Dashboard with Reports and Trend Analysis: Access safety incident reports, driver safety rankings, scorecards, and trend analysis to gain insights and optimize operations.

The CM32 Dual-Facing AI Dash Camera

CM32 Samsara Dual Facing Commercial Truck Dash Camera

Introducing the CM32 Dual-Facing Dash Camera by Samsara, an HD dash camera designed for commercial trucks. With its dual-facing cameras, automatic uploads of incident footage, and intuitive cloud-based software, the CM32 is built to prevent accidents, exonerate drivers, and lower fleet costs.

  • HD dual-facing camera with HDR and infrared LED for night recording.
  • Automatic uploads of incident footage, plus on-demand video retrieval for easy access to historical footage.
  • Edge processing enables real-time event and object detection for proactive safety measures.
  • Built-in audio speaker provides hands-free, voice-based coaching for drivers during unsafe driving behaviors.
  • Cloud-based dashboard with reports and trend analysis for comprehensive fleet management.
  • Easy installation with no hard-wiring into the vehicle required for hassle-free setup.

Orange commercial truck outside of building with assets protected by dash cameras

Frequently Asked Questions — Commercial Truck Dash Cameras

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What are commercial truck dash cameras and how do they work?

Commercial truck dash cameras, such as Samsara dash cameras offered by Monarch, are advanced devices that capture video footage of critical events on the road. They use AI-based technology to detect incidents like collisions, near-misses, and distracted driving in real-time. The footage is then uploaded to the cloud for easy retrieval and analysis.

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How can dash cams help lower costs for fleets?

Dash cams can help lower costs for fleets by preventing incidents before they happen through in-cab coaching and real-time incident detection. This can lead to reduced collision-related costs, lower insurance premiums, and improved driver behavior, resulting in better fuel efficiency and overall cost savings.

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How can dash cams improve fleet safety and compliance?

Dash cams can improve fleet safety and compliance by providing real-time incident detection, in-cab coaching, and HD footage of critical events. This helps fleet managers identify and address unsafe driving behaviors, promote safe driving habits, and comply with regulations by having accurate and accessible video evidence of incidents.

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Can commercial truck dash cameras protect driver privacy?

Yes, commercial truck dash cameras can protect driver privacy. Monarch’s Samsara dash cameras, for instance, offer privacy protection features like identity blurring, which obscure driver, passenger, pedestrian, and license plate data in the video footage. This helps fleets meet their privacy needs and comply with regulations.

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Do dash cameras record all the time?

Samsara’s CM3x series dash cameras are designed to record all the time when your commercial truck is powered on. By default, the dash cameras record for 10 minutes after a trip ends.

However, with the Parking Mode setting enabled, the dash cameras can record both road-facing and inward-facing video for up to 1 hour beyond the standard 10-minute time.

*It’s important to note that enabling Parking Mode may drain the vehicle battery at a faster rate, so it’s recommended for vehicles with healthy batteries that are driven regularly

Smarter Driving with Commercial Truck Dash Cameras

Investing in reliable and high-quality dash cameras is crucial for the safety and protection of your commercial truck fleet. Monarch’s advanced dash camera solutions by Samsara offer features such as HD recording, automatic uploads, real-time event detection, and cloud-based reporting for enhanced visibility and driver safety.

With easy installation, user-friendly interfaces, and robust functionality, Samsara’s cameras provide peace of mind on the road, ensuring your fleet operates safely and efficiently. Explore our range of commercial truck dash cameras and take the first step towards safeguarding your fleet today.