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  • Cameras in Classrooms

Benefits of Security Cameras in Classrooms

School security cameras in classrooms can be a controversial topic. But having cameras installed in all areas of campus can be very beneficial to the health and safety of students and faculty for numerous reasons.

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Outfitting school campuses with video cameras has become a standard operating procedure for many elementary schools and high schools around the United States. With an overwhelmingly diverse set of threats that schools constantly face, a reliable video surveillance system can be the best line of defense for school districts of all sizes.

School surveillance cameras can be utilized to mitigate threats of all kinds, whether they be internal or external to the campus:

  • School shootings

  • Student bullying and violence

  • Mistreatment of students by teachers

  • Property destruction and vandalism

  • COVID-19 spreading

While all are valid, serious problems, 80% of public schools use security cameras in hopes of reducing bullying and violence among students.


Although some argue the legality of putting cameras in classrooms, it’s hard to ignore how beneficial they can be if implemented correctly.

  • Reducing student misconduct by catching inappropriate behavior

  • Protecting students and teachers, especially when the supervision ratio is low

  • Reviewing video footage to settle disputes and incidents between individuals

  • Reviewing video footage to evaluate school teachers’ lessons and find areas of strength and improvement

  • Reviewing video footage to allow students and teachers to discuss behavior choices in the classroom and what needs to change/improve

Verkada cameras are built with advanced AI technology that send alerts when certain events take place, allowing administrators to stay one step ahead of any threats that may arise. For instance, if a school uploads a photo of a known criminal to their Verkada security system, the video cameras can automatically detect that face when it enters campus, and an instant alert will be sent to the administrator. This allows the school to anticipate potentially dangerous situations.


In addition to these life saving features and benefits, Verkada security cameras are also built to streamline security and improve operational efficiency.

Motion Search: Customize alerts to receive notifications when motion is detected in specific areas.

Cloud Archiving: Save pertinent footage for as long as you need it, instantly.

People Analytics: Filter and search footage based on characteristics such as gender, clothing color, backpacks, etc.

Floor Plan Viewing: View camera feeds from the entire campus on one platform and easily see where activity is happening.

If implemented correctly, school security cameras in common areas and classrooms can help alleviate a myriad of threats that K-12 schools face everyday.

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