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  • License Plate Recognition Cameras: Smarter, Safer, and More Efficient Security
Drivers on the road secure with license plate recognition cameras

License Plate Recognition Cameras: Your Key to Smarter, Safer, and More Efficient Security.

The Cutting-Edge Technology of License Plate Recognition Cameras

As a trusted seller of Verkada products, Monarch brings you the latest in advanced surveillance technology. License plate recognition cameras are specialized devices designed to capture and analyze license plate data in real-time.

With seamless integration into existing systems, these cameras offer a wide range of applications, from traffic control and parking management to crime prevention and access control. License plate recognition cameras enhance security, optimizes operations, and provides valuable insights for various industries.

Discover the power of license plate recognition cameras in boosting efficiency and safety across diverse settings. Connect with our security experts at Monarch today to learn more!

How License Plate Recogntion Cameras Work

Verkada’s License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and computer vision to swiftly identify and capture license plate images in real time, even under challenging conditions.

To ensure top-notch performance and security, LPR utilizes edge-based processing in Verkada’s security cameras. All computation occurs within the camera, minimizing bandwidth impact (less than 200 kbps at rest). Moreover, this ensures that all data, including video, images, and license plate information, is encrypted both in-transit (AES 128) and at rest (AES 256).

No additional software licenses or hardware are needed to use LPR, making it a user-friendly and efficient solution for various applications. However, it’s crucial to adhere to laws and regulations regarding the responsible use of LPR technologies, as they involve the automatic identification and recording of license plate numbers.

Cars on the road surveilled by license plate recognition cameras

Applications of License Plate Recogntion Cameras

Parking lot of university monitored by license plate recognition cameras

License plate recognition cameras offered by Monarch find valuable utilization in various industries, enhancing security, and streamlining operations. Here are some key applications and use cases:

  • Traffic Monitoring and Analysis: These cameras help monitor traffic flow, detect congestion, and analyze traffic patterns, leading to better traffic management and urban planning.
  • Law Enforcement: License plate recognition cameras aid in identifying stolen vehicles, tracking criminals, and managing traffic violations efficiently.
  • Campus Security: Educational institutions use these cameras for enhanced campus security, monitoring vehicle movements, and ensuring only authorized vehicles enter the premises.

Monarch’s license plate recognition cameras offer flexible solutions to address diverse needs, making them indispensable tools in enhancing security and operational efficiency across various industries.

Crime Prevention

Monarch’s license plate recognition cameras play a crucial role in crime prevention. They help contribute to enhanced security and law enforcement efforts.

These advanced cameras are capable of capturing and analyzing license plate data in real-time, enabling swift identification of suspicious vehicles linked to criminal activities. By integrating with databases, license plate recognition cameras aid in locating stolen vehicles, identifying wanted criminals, and investigating criminal incidents. The accurate and reliable data provided by these cameras serves as valuable evidence in criminal investigations.

With their ability to monitor and track vehicles efficiently, license plate recognition cameras significantly bolster crime prevention efforts and help create safer communities.

Cars along street monitored by license plate recognition cameras

Why Choose Verkada?

Verkada devices with license plate recognition cameras

Verkada’s security solutions with license plate recognition cameras stand out from traditional security systems because they are designed to be user-friendly, scalable, and flexible.

  • Solid-state Storage (SSD): No NVR, DVR, or server needed!
  • Simple Plug-and-Play Install: Only a Ethernet cable is required for cables to be brought online and fully operational within minutes
  • Regular, Automatic Software Updates: Reduces extra overhead operations
  • Time lapse: No need to waste time on scrubbing through footage!
  • Floor Plan: Gain a comprehensive understanding of what is occurring throughout your facility
  • Remote Access 24/7: From anywhere with an Internet connection, at any time, with any device
Limitlessly Smart
  • AI-Based Video Analytics: Face detection, license plate detection, and more!
  • Smart Filters
  • Live Alerts: Receive alerts in meaningful incidents.
  • Shareable Live Feeds: Share via SMS to first responders and others.
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Unlimited Storage on Camera and Cloud: Unlimited archiving with Verkada’s cameras
  • Unlimited Users Allowed: Easily authorize admins access to any number of users
  • Infinitely Scalable

Verkada’s Security Cameras

Verkada Camera Family video analytics license plate recognition cameras

Monarch, a trusted seller of Verkada products, offers a range of advanced security cameras, including license plate recognition  cameras, that provide reliable and effective monitoring.

Whether you need surveillance for your office or commercial space, our team of security experts at Monarch is ready to help. Contact us today to explore the best security camera solution for your needs.

The Bullet Series

The Bullet Series from Verkada is built to withstand extreme conditions, and its conspicuous appearance is meant to deter would-be assailants. It is the ideal license plate recognition camera.

  • Durable and weather-proof
  • Lens – Choose between wide-angle or telephoto
Functionality and Storage
  • High resolution cameras – up to 4k
    • 4k available only with CB62-E and CB62-TE
  • Max of 365 days of footage retention in standard quality
  • 265GB–2TB of onboard storage
  • Low–bandwidth impact
  • License Plate Recognition available only for telephoto cameras
  • Edge-based processing for motion, people and vehicle analytics
  • NDAA compliant
  • Zoom capabilities
    • CB52-E, CB62-E: Zoom, with up to 3x Optical and Digital zoom
    • CB52-TE, CB62-TE: Telephoto Zoom, with 8-20mm focal length
  • IR Range
    • CB52-E, CB62-E: 30M
    • CB52-TE, CB62-TE: 50M

User Experience on Verkada’s Command Interface

Command interface with video analytics license plate recognition

Command, the analytics management platform from Verkada, offers a seamless user experience when it comes to license plate recognition. With the LPR page in Command, users can view live plate detection across their organization and switch between LPR and context views. LPR cameras detect and read plates, making them searchable, and users can investigate events by accessing archived footage from the LPR page.

Additionally, users can receive alerts when a specific plate is detected at any of their locations and get more comprehensive search results through approximate license plate matches. On Command, users can archive footage, add descriptions, and export custom reports or integrate with other security systems via API.

Parking garage equipped with license plate recognition cameras

Frequently Asked Questions — License Plate Recognition Cameras

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What makes license plate recognition cameras different from traditional surveillance cameras?

License plate recognition cameras are designed specifically to capture and analyze license plate data in real-time. Unlike traditional surveillance cameras, which focus on general video monitoring, license plate recognition cameras excel in identifying and recording license plate information from vehicles passing by.

This specialized functionality enables efficient traffic control, improved security, and enhanced law enforcement efforts.

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Are license plate recognition cameras scalable and suitable for various industries?

Yes, license plate recognition cameras are incredibly scalable and versatile, making them suitable for a wide range of industries.

From law enforcement and transportation to parking management and access control, these cameras offer valuable applications in diverse sectors. Their ability to integrate seamlessly with existing systems and databases ensures a smooth deployment process and easy integration into various industry-specific workflows.

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Are there any legal considerations for using LPR cameras?

Yes, it’s crucial to be aware of the legal considerations when using LPR cameras. Different regions may have specific laws and regulations governing the use of such technologies, so it’s essential to comply with all applicable rules and ensure responsible use.

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How secure is Verkada’s cloud storage and remote access?

Verkada’s cloud-based storage and remote access are built with top-notch security measures, including end-to-end encryption and strict access controls, ensuring the privacy and integrity of your data.

People Analytics

People of interest captured by license plate recognition cameras

People Analytics combines cloud-based computer vision with intelligent edge-based video processing to give users high-quality images of every person recognized in the scene. This feature complements license plate recognition cameras.

  • Face Search*
    • You can quickly find people who look like a face you already have in your enterprise. You can also upload an image of a face of a person of interest.
  • Occupancy Trends
    • Estimate the number of people who cross a customizable digital line on a video feed.
    • Keep track of how a space is being used in order to improve business operations.
  • Person History 
    • Search through high-resolution snapshots of people detected in the frame.
    • Save screenshots or easily access associated high-resolution video.
  • Examine Anywhere
    • People Analytics is accessible from any device and from virtually any location in the world.
  • Filters for Attributes
    • Filter by a variety of criteria, such as clothing color, gender appearance, and facial matches.
  • Cross Camera Tracking
    • Quickly identify people of interest or potential suspects across all cameras at all sites.
    • Record and export multiple angles of a person to provide evidence quickly.

*It is important to use the face recognition technology ethically, respecting individuals’ rights to privacy and avoiding bias.

Remote Security Monitoring

Footage captured by license plate recognition cameras

Remote security monitoring is a process that allows security professionals to keep an eye on your enterprise and assets from afar 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is yet another feature of Verkada’s license plate recognition cameras that enhances security.

Step 1: Choose the Cameras for Site Surveillance

You begin by determining which cameras will be watched and at what times. Verkada’s high-tech AI analytics then notify on-call security personnel whenever a human is detected at the scene.

Step 2: Security Officer Checks for Danger

Second, when an alarm goes off, the people who are watching the live video feed will look at the footage to see if anything is in immediate danger.

Step 3: Security Officer Responds to Incidents

Ultimately, if there is a real danger, the monitoring agent will immediately contact the customer’s call list. In the event of an emergency, customers can also request that agents contact the appropriate authorities.

Enhance Safety Today with License Plate Recognition Cameras

Monarch’s license plate recognition cameras, powered by Verkada products, offer a plethora of benefits and applications across various industries.

These advanced cameras provide efficient traffic control, leading to smoother traffic flow and improved road safety. Moreover, they play a pivotal role in crime prevention, aiding law enforcement in identifying suspicious vehicles and investigating criminal incidents.

With their accurate and reliable performance, Verkada’s license plate recognition cameras have proven to be valuable assets in enhancing security, optimizing operations, and creating safer communities. Embracing this cutting-edge technology can undoubtedly make a significant difference in improving overall safety. To learn more about these cameras, connect with our security experts today!