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  • Safeguarding Spaces: Embracing Building Security Cameras with Confidence
Office space secured with building security cameras

Safeguarding Spaces: Embracing Building Security Cameras with Confidence

Embracing Building Security Cameras with Confidence

Step into the realm of cutting-edge security with Monarch’s innovative building security cameras. As a proud seller of Verkada products, we bring you the latest advancements in surveillance technology to safeguard your spaces like never before.

Nowadays, advanced building security cameras provide real-time monitoring, proactive alerts, and intelligent analytics. Whether it’s protecting your office, warehouse, or construction site, our top-notch solutions offer enhanced safety, unparalleled clarity, and peace of mind.

Connect with our security experts here at Monarch to learn more about how building security cameras can create a safer environment!

Enhancing Safety and Security

With Monarch’s advanced building security cameras, you can significantly deter crime and ensure a safer environment for everyone. Our state-of-the-art Verkada products act as a powerful deterrent, discouraging potential criminals from engaging in illegal activities within your premises.

The visible presence of security cameras alone can make individuals think twice before attempting any unlawful acts. In the event of suspicious activities, these cameras offer real-time monitoring, providing immediate alerts to security personnel or authorities. This proactive approach ensures swift responses and increases the likelihood of preventing crimes before they occur.

With crime deterrence as a primary focus, our building security cameras safeguard your property and assets effectively.

Meeting in conference room surveilled by building security cameras

Securing Industries

Various businesses and industries can benefit from Verkada’s building security cameras to enhance their safety and security measures. These cameras are essential for:

  • Retail Stores: Deter shoplifting and protect merchandise from theft.
  • Banks and Financial Institutions: Monitor transactions and safeguard customer assets.
  • Educational Institutions: Ensure the safety of students, staff, and facilities.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Maintain a secure environment for patients, staff, and sensitive information.
  • Manufacturing Plants: Monitor production processes and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Warehouses: Secure valuable inventory and monitor logistics operations.

Monarch’s building security cameras cater to a wide range of industries, ensuring comprehensive protection for any business.

Doctor operating in hospital safe with building security cameras

Explore the Benefits of Building Security Cameras

Office monitored by building security cameras

Verkada’s building security cameras offer a multitude of benefits that contribute to enhancing safety and security. These cameras provide:

  • Deterrence: Visible cameras discourage criminal activities and potential threats.
  • Surveillance: 24/7 monitoring to keep a watchful eye on the premises and detect any suspicious activities.
  • Evidence Collection: High-resolution footage helps in identifying perpetrators and providing evidence for investigations.
  • Employee & Customer Safety: Ensure a safe work environment for employees and visitors alike.

Choosing the Ideal Building Security Camera

Engineering workspace secured with building security cameras

Verkada’s building security cameras come equipped with essential features to provide comprehensive surveillance solutions for businesses. When choosing the right security cameras for your building, consider the following key features:

  • Wide-Angle Lens: A wide field of view allows cameras to cover larger areas with fewer cameras.
  • Night Vision: Infrared or low-light capabilities ensure visibility in the dark, maintaining security around the clock.
  • Cloud Storage: Store footage securely in the cloud for easy retrieval and backups.
  • Analytics: Intelligent analytics provide valuable insights into patterns and trends for proactive security measures.

By choosing Monarch’s building security cameras with these features, businesses can ensure a robust and reliable surveillance system to protect their assets and personnel effectively.

Why Choose Verkada?

Verkada devices including building security cameras

Verkada’s building security cameras stand out from traditional security solutions because they are designed to be user-friendly, scalable, and flexible.

  • Solid-state Storage (SSD): No NVR, DVR, or server needed!
  • Simple Plug-and-Play Install: Only a Ethernet cable is required for cables to be brought online and fully operational within minutes
  • Regular, Automatic Software Updates: Reduces extra overhead operations
  • Time lapse: No need to waste time on scrubbing through footage!
  • Floor Plan: Gain a comprehensive understanding of what is occurring throughout your facility
  • Remote Access 24/7: From anywhere with an Internet connection, at any time, with any device
Limitlessly Smart
  • AI-Based Video Analytics: Face detection, license plate detection, and more!
  • Smart Filters
  • Live Alerts: Receive alerts in meaningful incidents.
  • Shareable Live Feeds: Share via SMS to first responders and others.
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Unlimited Storage on Camera and Cloud: Unlimited archiving with Verkada’s cameras
  • Unlimited Users Allowed: Easily authorize admins access to any number of users
  • Infinitely Scalable

Verkada’s Building Security Cameras

Verkada building security cameras

Monarch, a trusted seller of Verkada products, offers a range of advanced building security cameras that provide reliable and effective monitoring. With their discreet design and high-quality video capabilities, Verkada’s security cameras offer seamless integration into any environment while ensuring optimal security.

Whether you need surveillance for your office or commercial space, our team of security experts at Monarch is ready to help. Contact us today to explore the best white security camera solution for your needs.

The Dome Series

The Dome Series from Verkada provides enterprise-grade security in a variety of models suitable for any environment – indoors or outdoors. These building security cameras have a long-lasting, vandal-resistant design.

  • Durable, vandal-proof housing with outdoor models having a weather-resistant design
    • Indoor models: IK08 impact rating
    • Outdoor models: IK10 impact and IP67 weather ratings
Functionality and Storage
  • High resolution cameras — 5MP or 4k
    • 4k available only on CD62 & CD62-E
  • Max of 365 days of footage storage in standard quality
  • 128GB – 2TB of onboard storage
  • Equipped with audio
  • Low–bandwidth impact
  • Edge processing for motion, People, and Vehicle Analytics
  • Occupancy Trends available only on Dome Series cameras
  • Zoom capabilities – both optical and digitally
    • CD42, CD42-E: Fixed, with 3x Zoom Digitally
    • Other models: Zoom, with 3x Optical and Digital Zoom
  • IR Range
    • 15m (CD42, CD42-E)
    • 30m (CD52, CD52-E, CD62, CD62-E)

The Bullet Series

The Bullet Series from Verkada is built to withstand extreme conditions, and its conspicuous appearance is meant to deter would-be assailants. It is the ideal building security camera for harsher environments.

  • Durable and weather-proof
  • Lens – Choose between wide-angle or telephoto
Functionality and Storage
  • High resolution cameras – up to 4k
    • 4k available only with CB62-E and CB62-TE
  • Max of 365 days of footage retention in standard quality
  • 265GB–2TB of onboard storage
  • Low–bandwidth impact
  • License Plate Recognition available only for telephoto cameras
  • Edge-based processing for motion, people and vehicle analytics
  • NDAA compliant
  • Zoom capabilities
    • CB52-E, CB62-E: Zoom, with up to 3x Optical and Digital zoom
    • CB52-TE, CB62-TE: Telephoto Zoom, with 8-20mm focal length
  • IR Range
    • CB52-E, CB62-E: 30M
    • CB52-TE, CB62-TE: 50M

The Mini Series

Verkada’s mini series offers a compact and discreet security solution. These building security cameras are designed to be small and unobtrusive, making them well-suited for installation in tight spaces or in areas where a larger camera may be noticeable.

  • Small and discreet camera with 5MP resolution
Functionality and Storage
  • Max of 365 days of footage retention in standard quality
  • 128GB – 2TB of onboard storage
  • Low band-width impact
  • Edge–based processing for motion and tamper detection along with People Analytics
  • Fixed, with up to 3x Digital Zoom
  • Audio available only on CM41 and CM41-E
  • IR Range: 15m for CM41 and CM41-E
    • N/A for CM41-S

The Fisheye Series

Verkada’s fisheye security camera offers dynamic viewing experiences with sophisticated onboard processing and a wide–angle 12MP image sensor.

In fact, there are five different viewing options available to users: panoramic, digital pan-tilt-zoom, 2-way split, 3-way split, and 4-way split.

  • Durable and weatherproof
    • IP67 weather rating and IK10 impact rating
  • 12MP image sensor for wide–angle coverage
Functionality and Storage
  • Max of 90 days of footage retention in standard quality
  • 512GB–2TB of onboard storage
  • Low–bandwidth impact
  • 180 degree field of view
  • Five viewing modes
  • Nighttime visibility with IR illuminators (20m/66ft)
  • NDAA
  • Equipped with audio

CH52-E Multisensor

With the CH52-E building security cameras from Verkada, you can instantly expand your coverage and enjoy an unparalleled 20mp video quality experience.

  • 4 x 5MP, combined for 20MP Image resolution
  • 1TB–8TB of onboard storage
  • IP66 and IK10 rated
  • 120° diagonal field of view
  • Varifocal lens with motorized zoom
    • 2.5x Optical Zoom
  • IR Range of 30M

Exterior of school building with security cameras

Frequently Asked Questions — Building Security Cameras

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Can I access the security camera footage remotely?

Yes, with Verkada’s cloud-based security architecture, you can access live and recorded footage anytime and anywhere using a computer, smartphone, or tablet. This ensures you stay connected to your building’s security even when you are not on-site.

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How can building security cameras help with operational optimization?

Apart from security, these cameras can monitor foot traffic and occupancy levels, providing valuable insights to optimize building layouts, resource allocation, and operational efficiency.

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Are building security cameras easy to install and maintain?

Absolutely! Verkada’s cameras are designed with user-friendly installation processes and cloud-based management, making it hassle-free to set up and maintain a robust security infrastructure.

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Is the data from the security cameras secure?

Yes, Verkada’s cloud-based security architecture ensures all data, including video footage and analytics, is encrypted both in-transit and at rest, ensuring the highest level of data security and privacy.

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Can I get real-time alerts for suspicious activities?

Yes, the AI-powered video analytics can detect and notify you of any unusual activities or security breaches in real-time, allowing for swift responses to potential threats.

Revolutionary Cloud-Based Security Architecure

Monarch proudly offers Verkada’s cutting-edge cloud-based security architecture. Verkada’s cloud-based approach shifts the traditional surveillance paradigm, making it more efficient and scalable.

Unlike traditional systems with complex on-premise hardware and servers, Verkada’s cameras process data directly on the edge, significantly reducing bandwidth usage and minimizing security vulnerabilities. This architecture ensures that all data, including video feeds, images, and sensitive information, is encrypted both in-transit and at rest, enhancing overall data security.

The cloud-based infrastructure enables remote access to camera feeds and footage. This enables users to monitor their buildings from anywhere, anytime, using any internet-connected device.

With Verkada’s cloud-based security architecture, businesses can enjoy seamless, reliable, and intelligent surveillance solutions.

Skyscraper with many businesses protected by building security cameras

AI-Powered Insights: Uncovering Actionable Data

Verkada’s building security cameras boast advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and video analytics capabilities, taking surveillance to a whole new level. With AI-powered features like object detection, facial recognition, and license plate recognition, the cameras can intelligently identify and track people, vehicles, and objects within the monitored premises.

These smart analytics enable proactive security measures, such as real-time alerts for suspicious activities or unauthorized access. Moreover, the system can automatically organize and categorize video footage, making it easier for users to search and retrieve specific events quickly.

Verkada’s AI and video analytics empower businesses to enhance security, optimize operations, and make data-driven decisions with unparalleled precision and efficiency.

Open sign on a small business with building security cameras

People Analytics

Command interface displaying People of Interest captured by building security cameras

People Analytics, a main feature of Verkada’s building security cameras, combines cloud-based computer vision with intelligent edge-based video processing to give users high-quality images of every person recognized in the scene.

  • Face Search*
    • You can quickly find people who look like a face you already have in your enterprise. You can also upload an image of a face of a person of interest.
  • Occupancy Trends
    • Estimate the number of people who cross a customizable digital line on a video feed.
    • Keep track of how a space is being used in order to improve business operations.
  • Person History 
    • Search through high-resolution snapshots of people detected in the frame.
    • Save screenshots or easily access associated high-resolution video.
  • Examine Anywhere
    • People Analytics is accessible from any device and from virtually any location in the world.
  • Filters for Attributes
    • Filter by a variety of criteria, such as clothing color, gender appearance, and facial matches.
  • Cross Camera Tracking
    • Quickly identify people of interest or potential suspects across all cameras at all sites.
    • Record and export multiple angles of a person to provide evidence quickly.

*It is important to use the face recognition technology ethically, respecting individuals’ rights to privacy and avoiding bias.

Remote Security Monitoring

Footage from building security cameras

Remote security monitoring is a process that allows security professionals to keep an eye on your building’s security cameras and assets from afar 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Step 1: Choose the Cameras for Site Surveillance

You begin by determining which cameras will be watched and at what times. Verkada’s high-tech AI analytics then notify on-call security personnel whenever a human is detected at the scene.

Step 2: Security Officer Checks for Danger

Second, when an alarm goes off, the people who are watching the live video feed will look at the footage to see if anything is in immediate danger.

Step 3: Security Officer Responds to Incidents

Ultimately, if there is a real danger, the monitoring agent will immediately contact the customer’s call list. In the event of an emergency, customers can also request that agents contact the appropriate authorities.

Enhance Safety Today with Building Security Cameras

Building security cameras have revolutionized the way we safeguard our properties and assets. With Verkada’s cutting-edge technology, businesses can now enjoy unparalleled security and peace of mind.

These cameras not only deter crime but also provide valuable insights for optimizing operations and resource allocation. The seamless integration with other security systems makes it a comprehensive solution for any building’s safety needs. The advanced features, such as AI-driven analytics and remote access, ensure efficient and effective monitoring at all times.

As a trusted seller of Verkada products, Monarch is committed to providing top-notch security solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Embrace the future of building security with Monarch and Verkada’s state-of-the-art cameras to protect what matters most. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions!